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Would You Vote for This Trump?

Today, during an interview on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested that former President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, should run for Senator in North Carolina where Sen. Richard Burr – a Republican – is retiring instead of seeking reelection next year.

It should be noted that Burr voted to convict Donald Trump yesterday in the Senate trial.

If you lived in North Carolina – or, if you do – would you vote for Lara Trump to replace Sen. Richard Burr next year? Do you believe the Trump extended family has a future in national politics? Why or why not?



  1. Brett B. says:

    Any MAGA movement member should primary ALL of these scumbag swampsters!

  2. Jasoda Dhupan says:

    TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2024!!

  3. Stephane says:

    ANY TRUMP FAMILY member is worth 10 of the JINOs, RINOs, DEMONRATS each.
    There is no doubt they are from a class way above those fat asses liars, corrupted liars, lazy liars, suborned liars,conniving liars who have done nothing for fourty some years in their own services instead of the People’s Service. As they are supposed to be. All them lawyers are simply WORTHLESS LIARS. There I said it.

  4. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Yes I’d vote support Lara TRUMP for a US Senator for North Carolina 24/7

    ❤💥👍CHRISTrump and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2021/2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  5. mary price says:


  6. Charles J. Wilcox says:

    Definitely….she would absolutely pursue Pres. Trump’s agenda..best for USA…

  7. David says:

    When a box of rocks knows the election was stolen, we have to understand we are heading towards a major debacle of momenteous disaster! Socialism wants us being spoon-fed, and having our butts wiped, and diapers changed, which demeans us into a dehumanized existence of infantile helplessness, that keeps us into a perpetual state of suckling on the rationed giveaways and handouts of a maternalistic style of culture! Wow! All I have to do now, is sit back, and be a blob, absorbing all the benefits of a “commy-tose” paradigm! My dehumanized ego can jump for joy now, that all I have to do, is open my my mouth, and have the nipple of a milk bottle inserted into my mouth, which will satisfy all the nourishment my body needs, to keep functioning, until I get my next bottle of milk! I always wanted to look forward to a life of uselessness, that absolves all stresses and obligations, that interfer with my life of uselessness! Does that mean , when the socialists say, “jump”, I got to say “how high”, so I can keep being fed my bottle? The continued promoted fairytale of socialism, keeps reviving itself, believing it will be different this time, and will not, or cannot fail, because all the past glitches for it’s failure, will not be repeated, therefore, making the system failure proof! Tell that to the human psyche, and see how far that goes! It’s guaranteed, that the Democrats (?), want their egotistical attempt, at bottle feeding a society, to be a repeated experiment, to fail, once again, in grandiose style! The above mockery, is tongue in cheek reality, of stupidity, being promoted for the umpteenth time, if you couldn’t read between the lines! Socialists usually can’t, that’s why they keep trying! With them in power now, good bye America, hello, banana republic!

  8. G BAR says:

    Donald and his son Don Jr. !

  9. Suzan J Teigen says:

    trump is my president always!!!!

  10. Arlene Schwartz says:

    Absolutely!! We need President Trump he is the only one who can save the United States.
    Cannot imagine what this country is going to be like in the next four years with Biden in the White House, they are taking away all our rights little by little!
    Please, please, President Trump reconsider 2024 you are our only hope right

    • Karen says:

      I agree that TRUMP is the only hope we have. He actually Made America Great despite the demoRATS blocking his every move. TRUMP was the best President this country ever had. It’s hard to believe they got away with voter fraud. Especially with all the eye witness claims made under oath. There’s no way Biden got 80 million votes and Obama only got 60 million votes.

  11. Gitmo says:

    I would if she’s representing replubicans like Trump and not be a traitor like the 7 who voted to convict Trump! They need to stick together and not make it easy for demorats just like they fought Trump on good people and issues where biden is justhe a brainless washed up dumbass working for Obama and deep state who Cheated the election to put him there! His ideas are worthless and no good for america! His only goal is to undo all the good Trump did for Americans! Biden will surely make a mess of america and truly is not our president!

  12. Jerome says:

    Yes. I live in NC and I have watched her on Fox for quite a while and I share many of her values and positions. Of course a final decision depends on who she runs against within the Rep party.

  13. William Paul Johnson, Jr. says:


    Absolutely…I will definitely [🗳] vote for former President Donald John Trump again in 2024. Amen.

    This second impeachment trial and aquital of President Trump easily demonstrated why ‘the establishment’ of the Democratic Party are known as ‘the Dummycrats’!

    It won’t surprise me ‘one bit’ if President Trump wins in a landslide in 2024.

    And also…if the Republican Party should ‘recapture’ Congress in 2022 (the Senate & House of Representatives), an impeachment of both President Biden and Vice President Harris is possible, plausible, and probable. (How’s that for alliteration?)

    I don’t think though that Mike Pence will again be the nominee for Vice President. It seems to me that ‘the political [🌟] star’ of Dr. Ben Carson is ‘on the rise’. His recent interview on Sean Hannity’s [📻] radio program convinces me so!!!

    TRUMP & [‘🚗’] CARSON in 2024!!!

    Most sincerely,
    William Paul Johnson, Jr.

  14. Sally Mascorro says:

    I hate Donald Trump worst president ever and you all are sick human being

    • Deborah J Clare says:

      So sad for you, ask for spiritual eyes.

    • Michael says:

      Must be a CNN or msnbc cry baby. What was bad about Trump he wanted to bring jobs back to the USA. Wanted people to work for a living. Wanted to put America first that was all Americans and many other good things unlike Obama or Biden. If you think all of the things he did was bad you must be living in the wrong country maybe you should try China.

    • angela grivas says:

      You don’t have to like Trump, but there is no denying that he did more for this country and it’s people than any other President. By the way, if you think you’ve got it better now, I’ll help you pack your bags and buy you a one way ticket to the Socialist country of your choice. And, don’t cry to come back. TRUMP 2024.

    • William Paul Johnson, Jr. says:


      You really need to take ‘a refresher course’ in ‘English grammar’ before you go on further tirades accusing the rest of us as being ‘sick and demented’.

      I’m certain such misplaced hatred on ‘your part’ is [👎] not the way you are going to be able to gain passage through ‘the Glorious Gates of Heaven’…

      GOD bless…

      Most sincerely,
      William Paul Johnson, Jr.

    • Gitmo says:

      You go suck obama butt Sally with bidens brainless agendas and see where that gets you!! Biden don’t know what he did a hour ago without being told and hasn’t accomplished anything his whole miserable life but molest girls and stick his fingers in his interns you know what! He belongs in gitmo for crimes with Obamas and truly steals from americans! He’s been out of control since day one being a Obama puppet! We all know he’s behind his sons corupt dealings with Ukraine and China pocketing money from tax payers! Yeah you support a pos like Biden! It’s obvious you are brainwashed by fake news designed for weak minds!

    • John says:


    • ric anderst says:

      I agree with you on everything..

      • richard anderst says:

        Why would you stand by a man (Trump) who LIES every time he speaks. The guy not worth a SHIT!!! I think you all are NUTS!!!

    • You are clearly on the wrong site “KAREN”!!

  15. Stephen Peloza says:

    TRUMP 2024

  16. Lynn Rich says:

    Do not live in NC, but my friends who just moved there are 100 percent for Donald Trump and Lara Trump.

  17. maxibaby says:

    Yes, if I lived in NC I would gladly support and vote for Lara Trump! She is a very bright young lady with a level head, professional attitude and disposition, is very knowledgeable about national politics and is in touch with real people, what is important to them and what they need and expect from Congress! Lara Trump would be a asset to the Republican Senate! I hope she runs and is elected for many more reasons than I stated!

  18. donald stevens says:

    Yes Trump gets my vote he is still my president go for it.

  19. SYB says:

    YES, I will vote for Lara Trump..I’m a NC lady and lived here my entire 75 yrs. of life. Good luck Lara.

    • Alice Dozier says:

      I am also a 75 years young woman in NC! I will vote for PRESIDENT TRUMP anytime! Best President in my lifetime!

      I would welcome a change in our state government with Lara Trump!

  20. Old lady says:


  21. Bill Grant says:

    YES YES. And it’s time for the republican to clean it’s house with some republicans i.e. like the seven who voted against Trump.

  22. Roxanne Caldwell says:

    Yes i would vote for this trump next year.

  23. Dorothy Johnston says:

    Best President ever!! Chosen by God. Thank you President Trump. We love you and your family. 🙏🥰

  24. Clark McCullough says:

    Lara Trump is smart, beautiful, and truthful and should serve North Carolina, far better than Burr, ever could in his best day. He is just another of those Rino’s. If I lived in North Carolina nothing would be finer than to Vote for Lara Trump.
    We need President Donald J. Trump in 2024.

    • Viera says:

      We are on same page. Lara Trump will make GREAT Senator and President Trump is STILL MY PRESIDENT, not the impostor in the White House. Let’s shine MAGA

      • Gillian says:

        I agree that President Trump is the best President for United States of America and he is still my president as President Biden is linked to President Obama who I was very unhappy that they were in the White House and they didn’t give The President Trump a peaceful transition
        And all the democrats want to do is impeach forever. Lara Trump is excellent for North Carolina and I pray that President Trump is re-elected
        In 1924 but first Get President Biden and Vice President Kamala impeached. Send all Democrats to China because they don’t love America.

  25. Cynthia Fisher says:

    I was very impressed with Lara Trump’s speech at the RNC. She was not a child of privilege, believe she was middle class. She possesses a lot of poise and intelligence and I think she would admirably serve the public.

  26. Kathy P Shull says:

    Yes President Trump for 2014.

  27. And who would get them out? Justice dept.? They never helped the last time. You people need to understand the only way things will change is by God. You need to get right with Jesus. Cause he is coming back soon. He is the answer.

  28. James B Jacobs says:

    She will be 10 times better than Richard Burr. I was not gpoing to vote for him again anyway. I hope she runs.

  29. Darlene Waite says:

    Absolutely! Sen. Lindsey Graham gave her his support today ( 2/14/21)! Her reputation is professional and her record is stellar.
    She is the kind of person we want to represent us!

  30. I will vote for Trump or anyone he believes is honest and deserves to hold office.

  31. Rhina says:

    I would if I lived there. When will Biden and Harris be impeached they have failed us already. Btw Harris has no clue about our country. She also is not eligible her parents were not born in America. These people were not elected by us the people! I run into more Trump supporters then Biden I wonder why? Hmm God Bless America

  32. Dottie says:

    Trump 2024!

  33. twinlightwave45 says:

    You are damn right!

  34. Alma sexton says:

    Absolutely. She’s a truthful and trustable person.

  35. Ronald says:

    Why wouldn’t anyone vote for of the best president we ever had. Yes I would vote for him again.

  36. President Trump 2024 .time to clean out the treasonous Democratic party out of Congress

    • They won’t be more than likely. This world is getting more wicked. Jesus is the only answer. Pray for our leaders that they will repent and accept christ.we can’t change this country and the evil thinking of ungodly people. Only god can save us and them. PRAY FOR REPENTANCE AND PEACE

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