Zuckerberg Bans Trump from Facebook/Instagram – Reclaiming America

Zuckerberg Bans Trump from Facebook/Instagram

Breaking Now: Just moments ago, Mark Zuckerberg banned President Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram.

Please read Zuckerberg’s statement below and share your thoughts in the comment section on this page. Do you agree or disagree with Zuckerberg’s decision to ban Trump?


The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.

His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect — and likely their intent — would be to provoke further violence.

Following the certification of the election results by Congress, the priority for the whole country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and the days after inauguration pass peacefully and in accordance with established democratic norms.

Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

–Mark Zuckerberg



  1. Marilyn says:

    I don’t believe Trump Supporters were responsible for breaking into the Capitol building. The group that did were too well trained and organized to be ordinary citizens. I don’t know many people who could scale those walls and coordinate an attack like that without a plan and training. Probably Antifa. Of course the left will use every opportunity they have to blame Trump and his supporters. All the Media and Democrats have done for Four years now is vilify millions of Americans who didn’t agree with them. Sore losers, but watch them scream foul when they get four years of the same thrown back on them. As for FaceBook it will be a thing of the past. Goodbye

  2. Barbara Hunter says:

    Twitter is violating the constitution of the USA. YOU ARE DENYING PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. Michele Obama has no right to demand anyone be denied their rights. She is a poor excuse for an American. Who takes a group to France at taxpayers expense when Americans are going hungry. Oh I know! Michele Obama.

  3. Mark OConnor says:

    Apparently Mark Zuckerberg wants to go into hiding for the rest of his life. I would be very scared if I was him going anywhere.

  4. Tracy says:

    President Trump spoke to the crowd and ask to keep it peaceful! I guess you missed that part! I had no idea just how corrupt our government, media, facebook, Twitter are! The fact of the matter is everyone can close out their accounts and find other sources that don’t infringe on our right to freedom of speech. Everyone band together & delete your social media accounts. Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google… Let’s shut down the commie demonic Elites.

    • Lourdes says:

      THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have more power than they think. I for one never had a Facebook account, tweeter or anything in-between. All these people are A bunch of communist opportunistIc thugs with a tie. Fidel Castro compared to these young communist was an angel. These freedom hating idiots need to be taught a lesson. Hitting them in their pockets where it hurts. All these social media platforms are a data collection for communist governments and people are stupid enough to tell their life stories in them. I guarantee you that if you investigate Zuckerburg and the Freedom haters they can be put in prison for RICO violations and other things.

  5. Gabby 58 says:

    This is what’s wrong with our country today, a piece of shit like this blocking someone from social media just because he has the power to do so, and not just anyone, The president of the United States, Zuckersucker demonstrates what a lowlife he is, if he thinks this will make him look more powerful then he’s full of more shit than I thought he was, now if you want to block me then hit the button big man last I checked we were still free in this country no thanks to you, thank God we don’t depend on you to keep us free 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Florian says:

    This is a jerk guy! Have no respect for our president!

  7. De -Von Wood says:


  8. Deby says:

    Zuckrrberg is a Fascist Pig! What a Lieing Hypocrite!! He along with the piece of Garbage that owns Twitter have to be held accountable for Spearheading this Goddamn Mess! Once they & the State Run Media (what I call the joke of s Main Street Media) stand up & admit what fake pieces of Shit they are, then we may be able to fight for our Freedom once more!! Trump is right Mr. Biden: the Media is our Enemy! Maybe ask your speech writers to tell you what you are capable of so you can read that, instead of just looking at the teleprompter & spewing their lies as you fumble along! You are a JOKE Sir!

  9. Steven Tinsley says:

    Zuckerberg is an Evil Wicked Servant of Satan & Will Be Punished by GOD The Rightous Judge of All People & Also the Evil Liberal Democrat Rino Republicans Including The Spineless Coward VP Mike Pence Will Be Judged by The Almighty in Heaven Soon. All Those Who Love Lawlessness & Lying & Hate Our U.S. Constitution Like the Evil State Judges and the Evil U.S. Supreme Court Will Suffer The Terrible Anger and Wrath Of GOD Also! Some Will Laugh & Scoff at these Comments Until Judgement Falls Upon Them!

  10. Lynne Jones says:

    Z, insignificant person with wealth. So what, we survived without you and can definitely move on without you.

  11. I think Zuck is an idiot that is so bias all he uses his sight for is to intrude on everyone’s privacy.

  12. He should go to prison along with the Biden’s. What is this so called “Free Speech” We the people are tired of being told what we can and cannot say. We want our Country back, and with Biden in there there is no way. We will be a commulist country before we know no it. Sad and scarey.

  13. Bill says:

    What ever happened to the First Amendment?? the democrats don’t give a dam about it.. Watch it WILL get worse.

  14. Josie smith says:

    I sm appalled at how many on the thread are offended by this action. We have a president who is a threat to democracy, the constitution.etc. I applaud corporate America for doing what out leaders have failed to do. Reining in a dictator.

    • You are so wrong and not for America!

    • Always 5150 says:


    • It’s a sad day for America that a good President is so hated by people who can’t see the left will lead them like sheep until they are in complete control please look at China only the leaders have a good life. Do you not see you will be the person in line begging for food. Trump took nothing from the USA people. Not even a salary so what do you hate him so for. Because he won’t cow down to the so called leaders please god save America before it’s to late not for me I’m to old but for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

  15. Kidzrgone says:

    This is another sad day. Zuckerberg is an evil man. Communist control their people the same way Zuckerberg is doing now and has been doing to all the people on fb. We are America not communist China.
    Use Parlay or MeWe or Rumble.com. Dump this communist. If he wants all this control move to a communist country.
    Stand up for your freedom and your kids.

  16. Arlene West says:

    Everybody the Demicrats ghe media everyone have free speech if your agreeing with the Election thieves and burning down cities and towns with no consequence.

    But if someone else wants there fair rights within the legislative laws
    No we are not having that

    Really of yoy are disgrace to our country!!!!!

    • Jeffery McCray says:

      Now go ban BLM,ANTIFA etc.. for enciting riots,intimidation of the AMErIcan public and for the civil unrest,unconstitutional unpeaceful protest!!!! Then let’s see how many d… TWEETS you get??? That’s right, I excerised MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of FREEDOM of SPEECH !!

    • Jeffery McCray says:

      Sorry, not you ,that Dumb A.., suckerberg
      I agree with you

  17. Charlotte says:

    I find this appalling. Freedom of speech is gone! We all know that Antifa was called in to cause this horror at the Capital. America has lost its freedom. How dare they take away the President of the United State’s rights as an American! If they can do it to the President, just think what they can do to us.

    • J castles says:

      i agree where is our freedom of speech no one should be blocked from Facebook, Twitter etc . Especially the president is this a free country? Or the beginning of socialism all citizens and both parties should have this election scrutinized period . It has nothing to do with who won . Otherwise future elections will be pointless and worthless.

    • Donna M Carmichael says:

      Thank you! I agree!

  18. Faye says:

    I think someone should come up with a agreement to shut down FACEBOOK and see how many voters Trump truly had, Because I know in my heart he won this election,BIDEN WAS HIDING IN HIS BASEMENT FOR MONTHS and MONTHS, explain that, He will never be my President, this is just not FAIR.

    • Catherine Snyder says:

      Wise up and shut your accounts down. When the money stops coming in he will be a different person. He thinks because he made a fortune that he runs the show but I personally will not and never have used his accounts. Sorry for Trump and hope he finds a different company to communicate to the public because the public will need it with the Biden/Harris admini. there and they need Trumps directions.

  19. Debs says:

    I will never “come together”, just because Biden is asking for it. “It’s time to come together and get this country back the way it was”!! Really Biden?? All the trouble you and Piglosi created, and now because you “think” you won, now we have to live your way?? I don’t think so. Nobody tells me what to do with MY LIFE (which by the way, belongs to God), not you biden. If you think saying “Bless you, God is with us”) will get you in Heaven or favored by Jesus Christ, your dead wrong!! So long as you keep killing babies, God will be against you. And it will affect this Country. End times are coming for America, biden. You have created havoc in this country. There are many unGod people, evil, like never before. You need to straighten up or you will find yourself in Hell. Where you and all your cronies belong.

    • marie says:

      Iso agrre with every word you said. This country is lost to evil now that they’ve confirmed criminal sleezy joe the pedophile as winner. We all know joe didnt win…we all know about the “deepstate” and “cabal”. We are livid with anxiety and disgust over the fraud and evilness of the left. God help us, In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen. Please PRAY for America and it’s people.

    • Donna Hall says:

      100 % It’s looking like Communism (Democratic beliefs) is being shoved down our throats. Anyone with half a brain knows that the election was STOLEN from US and President Trump. I saw and heard Biden say that the election was Fraudulent. He also said that if he gets into office he would be sending out $2000. So our Freedom was sold for $1200 plus $60 plus $2000. Our Freedom is NOT FOR SALE! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with VP Pence and the Republican Turncoats! Also President Trump should open up his own internet service (like FB) where there are both sides of information.

  20. tracy renee barnes says:

    Traitor! There was no violence and you clearly allowed all violenve from antifa! All slander against our president was permitted while nothing positive was. You are bought and sold with zero integrity. You violated all of our rights and i cant wait until the day it all comes back on you all. Theives liars cowards despicable ingrates. Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it. Im done with your platform as soon as i remove my stuff. I stand with trump..you stand with violence and poverty. The destruction of the american people. Fact check that.

  21. Social Media and so called news media are our country’s Greatest Threat .
    Total Double Standards. Nothing on the left is ever sensored. Well wake up America Socialism and Communism is on the way . This Platform is our Enemy.

  22. Reallytickedoff says:

    Mark Zuckerberg, aka Greenberg must be either shot to death or stabbed to death and the same for Jack P from Twitter. They both promote the most horrible hate and unrest in America.

  23. Mark says:

    I do not know why the FCC has not pulled your company off of the airwaves and Internet communications system yet. Your falsehoods and obstructing free speech from the president of the United States. Your protections and communications for your company should be removed and your company should be taken offline and shut down. There are plenty of good honest communication company’s that can take your place. Donald Trump should sue your company for as much as he can get for violating his civil rights. That would be the opinion of the 74 to 75 million people that voted for Mister Trump even though your company and yourself have done everything possible to take his rights away and give out false and misleading story’s about Mister Trump. That is my opinion.

  24. Jack Ritter says:

    Mark Z has long since exceeded the boundaries that should be in place to limit social media organizations. They’re raking in $millions and use the personal profits to influence national elections in one direction only—they are a well attached arm of liberal causes. They are publishers and should be treated legally as such.

  25. Richard says:

    Disagree with such judge mental positioning. In this country the individual has his relationship with God Free speech , man in street or president

  26. Marge Silva says:

    mark, I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you’re a worm 🪱!
    Get your facts straight! Antifa was hired, bussed and the door opened for them to enter the Capitol Bldg to cause the disruption and the perps were verified my facial recognition and one of the hired clowns came clean because he was bothered by the death of a military veteran. The Capitol Building is closed, locked and guarded, Antifa was invited in to do the dirty deed they were hired to do! Armed security walk the roof of the Capitol. Stop roasting President Trump, he has taken enough of your bulll💩 the entire time of his Presidency. Educate yourself to the facts: Dan Bongino.com, he’ll give you the education you’re lacking. Life is not all about computers and 💰. A young, 14 year veteran of the Air Force was murdered yesterday by Capitol Police, do something nice for her family. And pray you’re not adding to the fact that America and Americans are hurting, Our Country is on the road to Socialism and that’s on you Liberal!

  27. Wendy says:

    Stop using facebook twitter and all the rest! Boycott boycott boycott! We have lost the art of talking to people, writing them and visiting them. Stop supporting these evil, lying, power hungry liberals. They control us more than you can ever know. Get off them now please. They are ruining us and America! Pray pray pray; God will bring justice. Don’t trust sly Pence either. He turned on our president along with the rest of those criminals.

    • marie says:

      The best thing we as true Americans can do is to DESTROY FACEBOOK! START by deleting your account and head over to Parler where you have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! AND…ANO ZUCKERBURG! FUCK OFF FACEBOOK! ZUCKERBURG…IM OFF YOUR STUPID CULTIST PLATFORM…I HOPE THE REST OF AMERICA FOLLIWS!

  28. Ronnie says:

    Yesterday was living proof that people have the power our government is weak because it has been breached. The Democrats are weak all they are in shock and awe. Now we know that for a fact. The people rise up like they did yesterday now we know we have the power. So regardless if Joe Biden gets in he’s not going to make it too far his laws are a joke. The people now know that. No buildings got burned nobody got hurt besides the one woman inside of the capital who is most likely antifa trying to act like a trump supporter we don’t know. On a side of that if you have a law that you disagree with that how you take care of the problem March right down to the White House or Capitol and you address it. You don’t do nothing stupid but Hugo face to face and you address it. Mark Zuckerberg has been in Trump because he is scared with the rest of this fake Democratic Party. Don’t ever be scared cuz the Lord Jesus Christ is with us. He is the master we serve not Trump not Joe Biden. The only thing that they have if Joe Biden this president he basically gives China Authority. God bless everybody who stood up yesterday for the principles of this nation. No property was damaged nobody was hurt no innocent bystanders or businesses got ruined none whatsoever. That’s the difference between the good American standing up for True principles and good beliefs and radicals

  29. ROBERT POWELL says:

    treet mr zuckeybutt to the communist fix-all NATIONALISE HIS COMPANY. then re structure it into a PUBLIC OWNED COMMUNICATION SYSTEM ..

  30. Joseph Aregis says:

    Be proud of what you have accomplished. While you dance and cheer the “defeat” of a true President of the United States, Donald Trump, be fully aware that you and the other evil doers have ushered in the Fourth Reich with open arms. The demon and darkness will only make circumstances much worse and we will all suffer severely.
    Remember to quickly learn to speak Chinese for your party “elites” are owned and operated by them. And then shall you lament and cry to God Almighty to have mercy on you for what you have allowed into this Country. The blessings of the Almighty God has been withdrawn from our land due to the evil murderous baby killers and the other disgraceful things we have allowed to rule this land.

  31. Nancy Gumo says:

    Zuckerberg…you are a bold faced liar. I watched the president’s speech…nothing inflammatory there and we watched his comments once the violence broke out. He did nothing but call for peace and you know it. By the way, the people I saw breaching the capitol were ANTIFA anarchists who had disguised themselves as Trump supporters…we could tell by the tattoos. You know that too! And I’m sure you are aware they’ve infiltrated Trump/ patriot events before. In addition…at least one of them has been seen & photographed participating in ANTIFA/BLM protests/riots. You are a disgusting human being & pure evil. Thank God about half the country knows better than to believe what you say! DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE OF YOUR LYING BULLSHIT!

  32. Jeanette says:

    I can’t agree more with these posts. They have hit my feelings exactly.

  33. John P. Schmitzer says:

    So censorship is OK in this country now? And Biden and the socialists are not even in office yet!

  34. Lawrence says:

    Zuckerberg should be removed, banned, and jailed for interfering with the election using Facebook and Instagram. Being the outstanding individual he is, should have remained neutral.

  35. Robert Wynne says:

    As much as you did not support Trump ,$250 million dollars worth you spent to cheat the election , Trump would not want to be on face book , just like myself and millions of TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS of which you are a Chinese dick sucker and a TRAITOR to America
    We will never use your leftist communist face book again.

  36. Carolyn Clark says:

    I will no longer be using Facebook, Twitter or any of the other communist propaganda networks on line. They interfered in a national election, ban the info they don’t like and otherwise censor everything that is said in a country of Free speech in direct violation of the first amendment. Not to mention paying off large sums of money to swing the election their way. How much did they pay to cause the riots yesterday

  37. Daxsdad says:

    Zuckerberg, you do not deserve the respect of the title of mister, in your case your are nothing more than a communist. You think too highly of yourself and others like you. The worthless Obama puppet that was illegally voted for as president, will never have the support of the people. Only the support of communist loving traitors like yourself. Since you are so afraid of what the people really think about you and your censorship of “free speach”, you can’t wait to ban anybody that has a different opinion than your own. Leave this country and go to China where I’m sure that your form of censorship will be very welcomed. You have proven once again that the democrat/communist party will stop at nothing to gain and maintain control of government and people.

  38. Carl Mac says:

    This is STILL a free country but this filthy piece of shit doesn’t think so Trump has just as much right to speak than that filthy criminal Beijing joe biden has, you filthy democrats are the commies our fathers warned us about and you all should be taken and shot for treason.

  39. Carol Johnson says:

    Where are you, Mr. Zuckerberg, when Antifa and BLM turn major American cities into hellholes of burning, rioting, looting, and killing??

    • Debra Kearney says:

      And did nothing to stop them. The idiots running those states had control and they did nothing! I’m so sick and tired of the Commies two faced attitude.I can’t believe how devious and liers they are. Liers, Liers! I dispise liers. I hate control freaks. I can’t stand hearing mr commie shoot off his mouth on TV. Like they have been the good guys all along. They condone his actions, but all the trouble they caused over the last four years is simply ok in their minds. You anchors, you want to use the word despicable, look in the mirror. Mind the dirty trash in your own back yards before you condone anyone. All for HATE. IT IS ALL ABOUT HATRED!!!! Such ugly useless devious disgustingly nasty selfish lier hate. They HATE, plan and simple!!! I too have made the decision to cut of all my ties with the phoney Zuckerman. Why are the American people responsible for all the money those theives stole from us. Send out money overseas to Nations that just want to wipe us off the face of the earth. Take the money from the rich and leave us little people alone.

  40. Terry Anderson says:

    Seems like the antifa are allowed to threaten to kill anyone not backing biden yet when the president says anything that can be backed up with facts about the fraudulent election by the demoncrats they decide to ban him I think most Americans will be better off when he inacts the insurrection act and declares martial law and rounds up the ones defrauding the election and they are tried by a military tribunal as treason and are found guilty and executed

  41. shirley bonifacius says:

    This is entirely too much power over America. Zukerburg doesn’t have any constitutional right to silence any of us. President Trump has been trashed so much by congress and the media that more than half of Americans are fed up. Joe Biden and the ones in congress who have condoned unconstitutional riots all year are more to blame than anyone else. We DO need to clean up our election systems in a lot of states. Most of the demonstrators were exercising their right to demonstrate peacefully. The rioters must be prosecuted both in Washington and in New York and in Seattle and in Minnesota and in any other place in America where it has taken place. Joe Biden does not need to be protected by media any more than the rest of us do. I am a78 year old retired schoolteacher and an American not a globalist. God help Americans not to give up our constitutional rights but keep speaking out and demonstrating peacefully and cleaning up our voting systems. Thanks.

  42. Wesley Graham says:

    We are living in a radical culture that “CANCELS” anything contradictory to the ideology of the Socio-rats running this country now from the Dark State of Barack Obama and his army of terrorists.

    I say CANCEL ZUCKERBERG and his free speech hateful platform!!

  43. Tom Allison says:

    What a dumbass, this is the BS that caused the problems yesterday….

  44. NotMyPresident says:

    Just a thought….
    It’s people like him, Twitter, George Soros, and Bill Gates who funded the BLM and AnitiFa people. Here’s my “theory”…they funded the BLM and AntiFa people by getting them to pose as Trump supporters and get in the front lines of the capital protests to make it look as if MAGA people did this. Our nation is under siege from these idiots and Left-Wing Democrats support everything happening right now. They planned for the last few years how this was going to play out. I also believe that they worked with China to fund the creation of the COVID virus to unleash on the U.S. especially so that they could use the pandemic as a political tool to further there agenda. WHAT A BUNCH OF PATHETIC POSERS!!!! They only want power, money in their pockets, oppress people that put them in office and gain as many votes as they can. They shed their skin on 2020 and showed their true colors – they are about no one but themselves. Some are so freaking old that they need to just retire already. I mean, seriously, they think JOE BIDEN, a man who ran for president how many times before and lost, all of a sudden was SOOOOOO popular to beat even his buddy h Obama, has the capacity to run this country when he can’t put two sentences or thoughts together???? He has been a puppet the whole time and only says what his writers set forth for him in the teleprompter and sometime can’t even say that well. They had him in mind the entire time!!
    Just saying…

    • And all the people you mentioned in your response will be right beside her. They are just evil wicked mean and nasty. I will never give up on Trump. says:

      Such truth. It is Trump who is trying to make everything good and everyone evil has torn him every which Way but loose. This world is going to hell in a hat basket. They can believe or not but one day they will see and Pelosi will be one of the number ones. And all the people you mentioned in your response will be right beside her. They are just evil wicked mean and nasty. I will never give up on Trump.

    • Wendy says:

      Zucherburg is EVIL!!!! He has NO right! He got rich off of us the people. He should NEVER have any say about anyone’s comments. I deleted my Facebook account before the election, because I knew the evil liberals would attack, lie, steal, and corrupt everything they touched, including zuckerburgist! Get off Facebook Twitter ALL of that crap now! They are frauds and treasonous people along with ALL the fake news people.

    • Wendy says:

      Stop using facebook twitter and all the rest!!! These evil dems got rich off of us and are now using their money and power against us! zuckerburger has NO right to censor anyone, especially the President! They know Trump REALLY won the election and all fought hard attacking President Trump every single day. They are lying, fraudulent, treasonous, criminals who ALL belong in prison! Very disgusted with Pence too btw.

    • Debra Kearney says:

      Thank you, Mr. Notmypresident. It’s about time someone else spoke my thoughts. I have said this over and over. Of course, I’ve been called all kinds of names, etc. I am stunned that the American people can’t see what they just got themselves into. They will regret voting for that nuckle head biden & harris. You think things are bad now, just wait and see what’s about to happen to all of us. I keep praying for God to intervene.

    • Marianne says:

      You are so right. However Biden won’t make a year in office, Kamala will be President. Watch out what you ask for!

      • NotMyPresident says:

        You’re exactly right! He’ll take the oath and within the first 100 days, they will evoke the 25th Ammendment to have Biden removed for his mental lack of capacity to run the office of the Presidenct.

  45. JC says:

    Zuckerberg can relish the fact that he is many levels below that of Donald Trump and always will be. There is no reason to shut down a president that has been a target of a crappified media and an ignorant social media jerk.

  46. David says:

    Facebook should NEVER have the ability to shut down the President of the United States !!! Facebook should be fined a BILLION DOLLARS for this injustice and twice as much for a second time and jail time for a third along with a 5 BILLION DOLLAR FINE. May then they will stop using facebook for POLITICS

  47. Jerry poppe says:

    By your decision you have brought on you and your family a curse that will go to 4 generations I fell sorrow for you because you don’t know what your life will be like from here on You have forgotten honor, respect, and integrity. All of which Biden does not have.

  48. Frank Steele says:

    This idiot loves playing God. Since when does he decide what media information do we get to see? What a weasel.

  49. Julia Ogden says:

    Video of Antifa “actors” in Patriot disguises being ALLOWED INTO THE CAPITOL! Video of Antifa busses being ESCORTED INTO DC BY DC POLICE! Video and photo evidence of ‘storming the capitol’ as a false flag so TRAITOR Pence can arrest Trump and oust him, planned by Pence Pelosi and MeConnell! TRAITORS ALL! And best of all, evidence of HOW O’Bama and Italy’s former PM PLANNED THE STEAL OF OUR ELECTION AND HOW THEY DID IT! Not to mention the 400 MILLION IN TAX PAYER MONEY…IN CASH ON 14 PALLETS were taken out of the country by O’Bama (THE GREAT TRAITOR) to finance this STEAL! ROCK SOLID EVIDENCE OF TREASON TO AMERICA! So yeah, false flag to try to arrest Trump! THIS IS NOT OVER! #THISISTREASON

    • kim says:

      Yes, and isn’t it amazing that Biden was able to throw a very well thoughout speech so fast afterwards? With his health problems, it would have taken him awhile to just being to read the script. Haven’t seen that out of him without much preparation which means they had this planned long before the event.

  50. Robert W Torres says:

    Bovinus excrementum. Mr. Zuckerburg opines that his fecal matter is not malodorous, but his flatulence betrays him.

  51. Deb Clare says:

    MAGA patriots don’t give up. It’s obvious what is being done. Our freedoms will be gone one by one, started 9/11. We may not see equality here and now but God will hand out justice when the time comes. People like Zuckerburg, will wish they hadn’t tried to be God. I don’t know what he thinks gives him the right to censor anyone especially our President, but can then let China and Iran go unfettered. So disgusting. Keep the faith!!

  52. Melissa says:

    Ban Facebook that will shut his lying ass fact finding stupid ass

  53. Gretchen says:

    welcome to comunistic country .

  54. Donald Scott says:

    Mark you are a Democrat puppet and a loser, why don’t you kick me off FB until Biden is shot, killed or die of natural causes because I will bad mouth this guy who killed veterans in Benghazi and killing babies.

  55. Kaye Kenney says:

    No I do not feel like Zuckerbergis or Tweeter should have banned our President. This is the sort of things that caused all those folks to go to DC to begin with. Stop the trying to tell people what to think and say we can think for ourself.

  56. Marylou says:

    Zuckerberg is a communist activist trying to undermine our Country. I feel sorry for you, all the money in the world can’t buy Heaven. Turn to God and get some humility.

  57. Flip says:

    You push people hard enough with the attitude of anything to win, and then illegally silence their discontent, you can expect violence to erupt. Violence is not to be condoned by anyone but these patriots are being silenced by the violence condoning, anything goes, left and if not given equal time to be heard they will respond accordingly.

  58. susan says:

    Who are you to silence our President!!!

    • Jeri says:

      Facebook should be shut down, as well as some other sites. None are to be trusted. He just played along with the Dems and their planned Antifa and BLM riot. Just another of a long series of dem planned efforts to hurt Trump and his 2016 victory.

  59. Charles L. Fassett says:

    FB Zuckerbergis is a censorship of Socialist communist in this country

  60. Douglas says:

    Eat shit and die you puke!

  61. William Demull says:


    Next step: invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office immediately!

    • Gary Calahan says:

      Fuck you ass wipe.

    • W says:

      Be proud of what you have accomplished. While you dance and cheer the “defeat” of Trump, be fully aware that you and the other lemmings have ushered in the Fourth Reich with open arms. The demon and darkness will only get much, much worse and we will all suffer severely.

      Remember to quickly learn to speak Chinese for your party “elites” are owned and operated by them.

  62. Ranfy says:

    People Should start abandoning facebook Zuckerbergis a pos. Start taking his money and watch him cry

    • Ken Riley says:

      Zuckerberg should be banned. He and those like him are part of what’s wrong with America.

      • Kaye Kenney says:

        I agree with Ken, this is what is wrong with people now. We are all fed up with being told what to say and think.

      • William Dougherty says:

        I agree. Facebook has No Right to sensor anyone. If they cared about peace they would have shut down all the antifa people communicating at all the riots. Facebook and twitter want to be active members in the new world order. Soros has spent his corruption money well.

      • Christine says:

        Agree he should be banned, shut down. he is a greedy scumbag makes money off the people turns his bck on them if he does not like what they say!!Well he doesn’t like conservatives? I do not like his Liberal, Commie thinking ! Why dose not like it here he should move to China he would fit in good there! He is da despicable, disgusting creature. I do not use face book or twitter !

      • Kathy M Bjornstad says:

        So so true ! Where are these young peoples respect? Who in the Hell do you think you are treating the President of the United States Like you have and not only you but your whole party or group of cheaters! This is not just Your country it is Ours so act like a Human – Remember Come judgement day you will be begging then!

      • Kathy M Bjornstad says:

        So so true ! Where are these young peoples respect? Who in the Hell do you think you are treating the President of the United States Like you have and not only you but your whole party or group of cheaters! This is not just Your country it is Ours so act like a Human – Remember Come judgement day you will be begging then!

        I did not already say this so post it!!

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