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Reclaiming America is a news publication based in the US and focused on covering topics that are important to concerned patriotic readers. We cover important news, as well as reports on crime, health, politics, and education from across the country, as well as worldwide. Like you, we like to keep our finger on the pulse of the most impactful national and world events, particularly when they influence our American way of life and the liberties granted to us by the Constitution.

Our team strives for ethical reporting and journalism practices fueled by integrity. Unlike some mainstream information sources, we strive to tell the truth–backed by facts. We will never tell you what to think or believe about a current story or event. Instead, we’ll lay out the facts according to our research, and let you decide where you stand. After all, it’s not our job to think for our readers. We respect your opinions and are grateful for the trust you’ve put in us as your news source.

News That Reclaims the Free Press

At Reclaiming America, we’re serious about exercising our right to a free press. The First Amendment is critically important to us, as are the US Constitution and the rights it affords us. We know how important it is for readers like you to get your news reports from sources that share your values, and that’s why we’re here. We’re here to play our role as part of the free press, reporting on news stories that are important and impactful when it comes to our American way of life.

Constitutional freedom. Family values. Ethical governing. Religious freedom. Inalienable rights. These are just some of the American blessings we cherish and protect here at Reclaiming America. If you’re looking for a publication that respects your stance as an American patriot, then we’re here for you.

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