Biden Admin Claims What About Iran?

( – During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken made statements about the allocation of $6 billion in U.S. humanitarian aid to Iran and its potential links to Hamas’ recent deadly attack on Israel, which resulted in a significant death toll totaling more than a thousand, that most Americans find hard to believe.

During the interview, anchor Dana Bash raised questions about accusations of appeasement toward Iran in light of the decision to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian funds. Blinken talked about the situation, claiming that the money had not yet been unfrozen or transferred to Iran.

Blinken stated, “Well, there are two things here. First, with regard to the funds that you mentioned, that were made available to Iran for humanitarian purposes. As part of getting Americans back who were being held or detained in Iran. Let’s be very clear about this and it is deeply unfortunate that so many are playing politics when Israel is under attack.”

He further claimed, “The facts are these, no U.S. taxpayer dollars were involved. These are Iranian resources that Iran has accumulated from the sales of oil that were stuck in a bank in South Korea. They have had from day one the right to use these monies for humanitarian purposes. They were moved from one account to another in another country to facilitate that use. As of now, not a single dollar has been spent from that account. The account is closely regulated by the U.S. Treasury Department. It could only be used for things like food, medicine, medical equipment. That is what this is about.”

Blinken highlighted the alleged continuity of this approach, mentioning, “By the way, the previous administration set up a very similar mechanism so enable Iran to use its oil proceeds that were blocked in various places for humanitarian purposes. So, people are either misinformed or they’re misinforming; either way, it is wrong.”

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