Biden, Secret Donors, and $12 Million Missing

( – In new trouble for Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, a super PAC supporting him has been found to have a $12 million gap in its financial disclosures, leading to calls for an immediate investigation.

The fact that the Future Forward PAC, described by Newsmax as President Biden’s “favorite super PAC,” is missing a hefty sum of money has been dug up in a report by The Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon found that in 2021, Future Forward USA Action, the nonprofit affiliated with Biden’s super PAC, declared it gave the political action committee a total of $15.3 million.

Yet, that same year, the Future Forward PAC stated that it had taken only $3.4 million in cash from the nonprofit.

The Free Beacon notes that Future Forward is a nonprofit and is not legally obliged to reveal its donors publicly.

However, when a super PAC reveals its donations from a “dark money group,” it should match whatever is reported in that group’s IRS tax returns.

According to legal experts, the report indicates that the disappearance of those $12 million is only “one of several errors in the group’s finances,” sufficient for launching a federal investigation into the pro-Biden committee.

“The apparent numerous and blatant discrepancies in the recent filings by both the nonprofit and the super PAC are beyond troubling,” commented Kendra Arnold, who heads the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, a watchdog group.

“[The failure to report millions in donations] would be a serious matter that the Federal Election Commission would investigate,” said nonprofit lawyer Jason Torchinsky, adding a probe could lead to hefty fines for the Future Forward group.

“There must be an independent audit of both groups for these egregious discrepancies and an investigation and possible enforcement action by both the IRS and the FEC,” reacted Paul Kamenar, an attorney with the National Legal and Policy Center watchdog group.

Future Forward and Future Forward USA Action have not commented on the $12 million difference in their 2021 financial disclosures.

In the last five years, Future Forward, staffed by former Obama campaign figures, has raised close to $400 million for ads supporting Joe Biden and other Democrats in swing states.