TRUTH: Mass Deportations Favored

( – Confirming hard-working Americans are fed up with Joe Biden overlooking them in favor of illegals, a recent survey shows that more than half of voters support mass deporting those who entered the country unlawfully.

A Harris Poll by Axios delivered the striking results. It also reveals that terminology differs by parties: 62% of GOP respondents prefer “illegal immigrant,” whereas Democrats are split among terms like “undocumented immigrant” and “illegal immigrant.”

The main concern for 27% of those surveyed is that increased migration could strain government welfare systems. In turn, 26% expressed no concerns at all about immigration to the U.S.

Additionally, a recent NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll saw around 30% Americans believe that closing the southern border is the most effective deterrent against illegal immigration.

Closing the border outpaces alternatives like constructing a border wall, which 18% supported, and increasing green card availability, preferred by 16%.

The poll also indicates that immigration concerns have intensified over the past year. Right now, 30% of voters view it as a more pressing issue than inflation, crime and unemployment—up from 18% last spring.

The concern is particularly marked among older voters, with 42% of those over 55 citing immigration as a top problem.

“These issues are becoming more salient across party lines,” noted Decision Desk HQ director of data science Scott Tranter.

He added that immigration and border security might significantly influence the upcoming election, especially given the higher voting rates among older Americans.

Amidst these concerns, congressional efforts to strike a border deal have stalled, which marks a significant challenge for Biden’s reelection hopes.

Since his inauguration, illegal crossings have surged despite Biden’s numerous executive actions on immigration. His budget proposal also calls for increased funding for border personnel and resources.

However, when asked who would better manage the southern border, respondents favored former President Donald Trump over Biden by 46% to 26%.

This preference extends across party lines but is notably strong among independents, where Trump leads by over 20 points.

Regarding electoral integrity, 62% of respondents worried about illegal voting by immigrants. This concern varies by party, with 69% of Republicans, 57% of independents and 38% of Democrats expressing worry.

Perceptions also differ on a local versus national scale: 61% feel immigration negatively impacts the country, but only 47% perceive a negative effect in their own communities.

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