Biden’s Unfitness Caught on Video – Again!

Joe Biden

( – In his remarks at North America’s Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference, Joe Biden showed once again that he is deteriorating mentally when he read the word “pause” out loud from instructions on the teleprompter as the crowd started the chant “Four more years” to cover up his mental gaffe.

Watch the video of Biden’s gaffe further down this post.

North America’s Building Trade Union National Legislative Conference endorsed Biden for the 2024 election.

While trying to rally support for his administration’s future plans, the likely candidate for the Democratic Party received stage instructions from the teleprompter as the crowd cheered. He then grinned and encouraged them to imagine the possibilities of another term.

“Folks, imagine what we could do next,” Biden said, highlighting his economic policies.

Then came his memorable and shameful moment when he read the screen, “Four more years … Pause,” before the chants began while he asked his supporters if they were ready in the midst of the excitement.

Interestingly, the official White House transcript of Biden’s speech omitted his “pause” remark, labeling it as “inaudible.”

“Folks, imagine what we can do next. Four —” the transcript read, followed by an “inaudible” from the audience.

“— more years (inaudible),” it continued.

Recent concerns about Biden’s fitness for office stem from a report by special counsel Robert Hur regarding his handling of classified documents.

Hur suggested that Biden might be perceived as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

Moreover, during a campaign event in Florida, Biden reiterated a debunked claim about driving an 18-wheeler, which he lied about as a source confirmed that he never drove such a truck.

Additionally, Biden recently told a story about his uncle, Second Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr., who he claimed had his plane shot down during WWII over “New Guinea” and was never found because “there were a lot of cannibals” on the island.

Despite Biden’s telling of the story, the official U.S. military account of Finnegan’s death does not match such a tale.

According to the Pentagon’s Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, Finnegan’s plane was ditched into the ocean during the war for unknown reasons.

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