Mounted Cops Called Into Action

( – As the scene was part of a broader wave of campus unrest sweeping the United States, mounting tension escalated as hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators faced off against state troopers on horseback at the University of Texas.

The university echoed the chants of “down with occupation” during a spirited student walkout.

Meanwhile, videos circulating on social media captured state troopers navigating the campus on horseback as other officers in riot gear attempted to manage the crowd.

This standoff in Austin mirrors the widespread attention garnered by ongoing protests at Columbia University in New York, fueled by the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The university witnessed a temporary halt in hostilities between protesters and administration following a lapsed dispersal deadline.

Additionally, participants are voicing support for Palestinians in Gaza, a region reporting over 34,200 deaths, and are urging Columbia to sever financial ties with companies linked to Israel.

Amidst these demonstrations, concerns over campus safety and anti-Semitic incidents have surfaced, which sparked a debate on the nature of campus activism.

The conflict that prompted these protests began with a significant attack by Hamas on October 7, leading to approximately 1,170 fatalities as per official Israeli reports.

Likewise, tensions at Columbia increased last week with over a hundred arrests following the intervention of law enforcement when university president Minouche Shafik ordered the arrests.

Despite a deadline set to address the unrest, the protest saw an influx of participants, which prompted an extension of 48 hours as students shared online.

A breakthrough in negotiations was reached when university officials assured there would be no police or National Guard involvement, a move organizer of Columbia University Apartheid Divest hailed as a crucial win.

The protesters, including several Jewish students, have openly rejected any anti-Semitic behavior and emphasized their advocacy for Palestinian rights.

The situation has drawn criticism from figures such as Republican US House Speaker Mike Johnson, who denounced the campus protests as “madness” and “disgusting and unacceptable” during a talk with Hugh Hewitt.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant also expressed his views online and criticized the demonstrations as not only anti-Semitic but as actions that potentially incite terrorism.

Similar protests have erupted across various prestigious institutions like Yale, MIT, and UC Berkeley, with students at the University of Southern California beginning an “occupation” of their campus.

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