‘Blackface’ Trial Jury Delivers Huge Verdict

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – For expelling two students under controversial circumstances, a $1 million verdict has been handed down in a “blackface” case involving St. Francis High School in California.

The two students were expelled for a misunderstood photo taken years earlier that showed them wearing green acne facemasks as an act of solidarity for a friend who had acne.

However, school officials misinterpreted the masks as ‘blackface’ during a period of heightened racial sensitivity in June 2020.

The incident happened in the middle of national unrest following the death of George Floyd, which made the racism accusations particularly sensitive.

Initially, the school blamed the students “for the posting of the photograph on social media and the resultant publicity and unfortunate consequences.”

Spearheaded by the Dhillon Law Group, the students’ legal victory is seen as a key moment for private high schools across California and highlights the need for fair disciplinary procedures.

Krista Boughman of the Dhillon Law Group stated, “This case is significant not only for our clients but for its groundbreaking effect on all private high schools in California, which are now legally required to provide fair procedure to students before punishing or expelling them.”

“The jury rightly confirmed that St. Francis High School’s procedures were unfair to our clients and that the school is not above the law,” Boughman added.

The verdict’s legal implications extend beyond just this incident. It sets a precedent that high schools must now follow similar protocols to those already in place for university students in California.

“The jury’s verdict finally cleared our clients’ names after four long years of repeated personal attacks from St. Francis High School,” commented Karin Sweigart from the Dhillon Law Group. “Schools are supposed to protect and nurture children, not sacrifice them when it is convenient for public relations purposes.”

The students, identified only as H.H. and A.H. and their families said they were relieved and vindicated following the jury’s decision.

“We would never wish the pain, humiliation, and suffering St. Francis has inflicted on our families on anyone, but we are thankful that the jury has spoken, and vindicated our boys, and forced St. Francis to finally take responsibility for their repeated personal attacks on the boys,” the family stated.

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