BOMBSHELL: 40,000 In 10 Days!

( – The Third World illegal alien invasion of the United States continues at a high pace and is entirely unfettered despite the Biden administration’s claims to the opposite, newly leaked migrant detention figures reveal.

A stupefying number of illegal immigrants – about 7 million – have invaded America since Joe Biden occupied the White House 2.5 years ago.

According to Customs and Border Patrol estimates, that number includes roughly 2 million gotaways who are not even apprehended before getting released freely inside communities nationwide.

On his first day in office, Biden terminated the construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall for no rational reason whatsoever.

As a result, throughout 2022, there was an average of well over 200,000 illegal migrants invading the U.S. through the Southern Border.

In May, after it allowed Trump’s Title 42 expulsion policy to end, the Biden administration decided to aid further and abet border trespassers by equipping them with a smartphone app to apply for asylum – arguing that this turned the illegal invaders into legal immigrants.

Yet, while this seemed to lead to a substantial drop in the number of border invaders in June, it shot up again in July, with over 130,000 apprehended migrants.

A new report by Breitbart Texas indicates that the trend showing a new migrant surge is well underway, as nearly 40,000 illegal immigrants were detained invading the United States in the first ten days of August alone.

Unofficial reports the outlet obtained from law enforcement show Border Patrol agents caught 39,324 migrants from August 1-10, for an average of 5,708 apprehensions per day.

The Tucson and Rio Grande Valley Sectors of the Southern Border each saw more than 10,000 migrant invaders, with 10,867 and 10,465 apprehensions, respectively.

The five Texas border sectors saw nearly 60% of all migrant arrests: 23,119 of the 39,324 illegal immigrant apprehensions.

If the trend continues, as expected, the monthly number of apprehended border invaders will once again climb to about 200,000 or above.

“If the current apprehension rate in August continues, U.S. Customs and Border Protection could report the apprehension of nearly 177,000 migrants in August,” Breitbart News points out.