BOMBSHELL: Hunter Biden Linked to Indicted Senator

( – In another newly exposed murky Hunter Biden affair, the scandalous first son is disclosed to be linked to Democrat US Senator Bob Menendez, who was just slapped with a bribery and corruption criminal indictment.

Materials leaked from Hunter Biden’s so-called “laptop from hell” show he and his business partners contacted Menendez to lobby on behalf of a Spanish railroad company facing scrutiny from US regulators, The Daily Caller reveals in a report.

The report linking the first son to the long-time Democrat US senator from New Jersey comes after, at the end of last week, Menendez was indicted on corruption charges over allegedly taking cash and gold bribes in exchange for political favors for the country of Egypt and three businessmen from his home state.

On Monday, Menendez rejected the corruption accusations and fellow Democrats’ calls for his resignation. However, the charges made him the first US senator in history to have faced two separate indictments, as he was also indicted in 2015 but saw the charges against him dropped later.

According to the publicly available archive from Hunter Biden’s laptop, his company, Rosemont Seneca Partners, was hired by Spanish rail company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) as a lobbyist in 2010.

CAF tasked Hunter’s investment firm with lobbying the US Transportation Department (DOT) and Amtrak over federal contracts on railroad projects.

The leaked emails show that Biden Jr. and his associates were in touch with Menendez’s office and succeeded in setting up meetings between CAF and DOT officials.

Besides that, Rosemont Seneca helped CAF with a letter that Spain’s ambassador in DC sent to Amtrak to advocate for the company.

In July 2010, Amtrak gave CAF a nearly $300 million contract for producing 130 new rail cars at an Elmira, New York plant.

Emails from Hunter Biden’s associate Eric Schwerin show their firm pushed for an $800,000 “success fee” from the Spanish firm.

In Early August 2010, Schwerin managed to “get Menendez’s office involved with CAF” after a phone conversation with Menendez’s then-Chief of Staff, Daniel O’Brien.

Subsequently, O’Brien and Hunter Biden talked regularly and “appeared to be friends,” The Caller points out.

In March 2011, O’Brien informed Hunter that Senator Menendez wanted to talk to him.

Later, Rosemont Seneca and the Democrat lobbying firm SKDK helped CAT fight a decision by the Federal Transit Administration that Harris County, Texas, had violated US law by awarding a contract to the Spanish company.