Deep State Biden Cover-up Exposed

( – The Deep State has gone to great lengths to “cover-up” wrongdoing by Hunter Biden and his father, Joe Biden, a high-profile Republican congressman has declared ahead of the first impeachment probe hearing into the president, which got underway today.

In a Fox News interview, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) insisted that the deep state’s “cover-up” in favor of the Biden’s had been aided by mainstream media’s “false narrative” about the GOP investigation into the first family.

Comer’s comments came after, on Monday, he announced three witnesses to be interviewed during the first impeachment hearing on Thursday: a financial forensics expert, a former US assistant attorney general, and a law professor.

“Our friends in the mainstream media are trying to create a false narrative there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden and that’s simply not the case,” the Kentucky Republican told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow.

He stressed the mainstream media at first claimed “there was no evidence of wrongdoing by anybody.”

Later, they “accepted the president’s son committed many crimes, many serious crimes,” Comer noted.

Yet, he emphasized the impeachment probe launched by House Republicans was not about Hunter Biden but specifically about his father.

The House Oversight chairman noted that two more IRS whistleblowers had come forward before the House Ways and Means Committee to corroborate the testimonies of the original whistleblower duo about how the US Justice Department shielded Hunter Biden from more severe charges.

“There certainly has been a cover-up. It is not just [DOJ Special Counsel] David Weiss, with his investigation of the Biden family. It is with the National Archives, it is with the FBI. We found the 1023 form that alleged Joe Biden took a bribe,” Comer stated, as cited by The Daily Caller.

He referred to the FBI informant file made public by House Republicans claiming that Hunter and Joe Biden were bribed $10 million by a wanted pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch.

“There is overwhelming evidence and we’ll continue to get more evidence despite the fact we’re being obstructed by the Department of Justice, by Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s very expensive legal team,” the GOP lawmaker said.

“What I’ve said all along, this is like tracking a bleeding bear through a snowstorm. They left evidence everywhere along the way and we’re just trying to put it together to present it to the American people,” Comer concluded.