Famed Lib Columnist Sides with Trump?!

Former President Donald Trump

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Nobody saw this coming. Ruth Marcus, a liberal columnist and associate editor for the Washington Post, is concerned about the brutal treatment of former President Donald Trump in his New York fraud case.

In her recent column, Marcus stated, “The rule of law means not allowing Trump to evade responsibility, criminal or civil, for his behavior. But it also entails not treating Trump more harshly than anyone else in similar circumstances, and I worry that is what is happening here.”

She expressed reservations about the severe nature of the punishment, stating, “But forcing the sale or other disposition of his businesses, as the judge ordered in his opinion last week, seems both unnecessary and unduly punitive, disproportionate to the offenses charged. And I worry that this consequence would not have been meted out to a different defendant who engaged in similar misconduct.”

Bringing attention to the magnitude of the legal action against Trump, Marcus shared insights from experts. One such expert from the New York attorney general’s office commented, “Legal experts are trying to grapple with this in real time because to the extent that this remedy has been utilized before it hasn’t been utilized for a remedy of this scale and scope.”

Additionally, Marcus voiced her apprehension in August after Trump’s fourth indictment in Georgia. She wrote then that it felt like “one too many.” While she recognized there weren’t any legal issues with both state and federal prosecutors pursuing Trump, she conveyed her doubts about the wisdom of such actions, commenting, “Whether that prosecution is advisable, in the wake of federal charges arising out of the same conduct, is a tougher question — one about which I have misgivings.”

She also had some criticism for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, pointing out a lapse in “professionalism” during the indictment proceedings, saying, “Small point, but Monday’s spectacle of an after-hours indictment didn’t exactly inspire confidence in the Willis office’s professionalism.”

In her current column, she also touched on the strong emotions Trump evokes, writing, “The temptation to lash out is understandable, especially in the hands of an elected prosecutor deploying a particularly powerful statute.”