GOP Ethics Chairman: ‘Kick Him Out’!

( – It seems like shockingly lying Congressman George Santos is finally going to get what he deserves as the GOP head of the House Ethics Committee, Rep. Michael Guest, moved to have him expelled from the United States Congress.

Guest (R-MS) has officially submitted an expulsion resolution that would remove Santos from the House of Representatives – after last week, a report by his committee concluded that the disgraced New York congressman had committed financial crimes.

This resolution will be up for a vote after lawmakers return from their Thanksgiving break. It requires a two-thirds majority for approval.

In a public statement, Chairman Guest emphasized the gravity of the findings against Santos.

“The evidence uncovered in the Ethics Committee’s Investigative Subcommittee investigation is more than sufficient to warrant punishment and the most appropriate punishment, is expulsion,” the Republican lawmaker declared.

“So, separate from the Committee process and my role as Chairman, I have filed an expulsion resolution,” he added.

The Review notes that, historically, only five members have been expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives.

Despite previous unsuccessful attempts to expel Santos earlier in the year, Guest is hopeful that the detailed accusations in the recent Ethics Committee report will convince other lawmakers of the necessity of this action.

The report alleges that Santos deliberately filed misleading campaign expenditure reports with the Federal Election Commission, engaged in fraudulent activities with RedStone Strategies LLC, and violated the Ethics Committee’s financial disclosure rules.

It also accuses him of misusing campaign funds for personal expenses, including Botox, Sephora skincare products, and subscriptions to the adult content platform OnlyFans.

Santos, facing a 23-count superseding indictment that includes charges of wire fraud, false statements, money laundering, and more, has pleaded not guilty.

Shortly after the Ethics Committee report was publicized, Santos announced he would not seek re-election in the next term.

“I will continue on my mission to serve my constituents up until I am allowed,” the Long Island representative said.

“I will however NOT be seeking re-election for a second term in 2024 as my family deserves better than to be under the gun from the press all the time,” his statement added.