Hamas Deals a Death Blow

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Dealing a death blow to possible peace talks, Hamas recently altered the terms of a proposed ceasefire agreement to suggest a chilling change: counting deceased hostages as part of the prisoner exchange with Israel.

According to reports, the revised proposal now specifies the exchange could involve 33 hostages, “alive or bodies,” which is a clear turnaround of the original demand for the release of living individuals.

The terrorists’ move shocked Israeli officials and complicated negotiations aimed at ending hostilities in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has firmly stated that the conflict will not end until Hamas is totally defeated.

He made it clear that any proposal that includes an immediate ceasefire is unacceptable.

Despite Netanyahu’s firm stance, Israel is sending negotiators to Cairo to explore all possibilities for an agreement that meets Israeli terms.

This adjustment in the ceasefire’s language underscores the dire situation of the hostages and the complex dynamics at play.

Hamas has admitted that it does not have enough hostages that fit Israel’s criteria, which include women, the elderly or those with severe health issues.

The broader deal Hamas proposed includes a 42-day ceasefire, during which Israeli forces would partially withdraw from Gaza, and allow over a million refugees to return to their homes in the conflict zone.

Hamas’ proposal also seeks phases to allegedly secure a lasting peace and begin Gaza’s reconstruction through international cooperation involving Qatar, Egypt and the United Nations.

The demand for a complete lifting of the Gaza blockade is still another major issue in these discussions. The blockade has been in place since 2007 when Hamas took control of the territory.

Although Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz recognized the challenges and “significant gaps” between the negotiating parties, there is international pressure on both sides to continue talks to lessen any further suffering and violence in Gaza.

Amidst these strained negotiations, the IDF has started moving into Rafah despite global calls for restraint.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has appealed to Netanyahu to ensure that Palestinian civilians are safe before proceeding with military actions.

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