Hollywood Elitist Attacks Trump

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a new elitist attack on Donald Trump, prominent Hollywood figure Jeffrey Katzenberg delivered a scathing critique of the former president, labeling him a “colossal a******” and a “catastrophe” at a recent event in Los Angeles.

He contrasted this with high praise for President Joe Biden, describing him as “one of the most decent human beings I know.”

Katzenberg, who serves as Biden’s campaign co-chair, made these comments at an exclusive Axios gathering in West Hollywood.

This event took place shortly before the annual Milken Institute conference, as reported by Deadline. The attendees of this meeting, although not specified, were characterized as affluent, Breitbart News reports.

Katzenberg shared his long acquaintance with Trump.

“I’ve known Donald Trump for 50 years. The only thing I can say is he was a colossal a****** then and nothing has really changed,” he said.

He further referred to the former president as a “catastrophe on a level that I don’t think people have fully paid attention to.”

Conversely, Katzenberg expressed unwavering admiration for Biden.

“I’ve known Joe Biden for 40 years, maybe 45 years. He is actually one of the most decent human beings I know,” the Hollywood producer said.

This theme of Biden’s decency has been a recurring one, particularly evident during the 2020 election.

At that time, Democratic narratives and mainstream media coverage frequently highlighted Biden’s integrity, even as they downplayed controversies such as the Hunter Biden laptop story.

This story suggested alleged corruption involving Biden’s family, which purportedly brought them considerable wealth.

This portrayal of Biden as “decent” appears to be resurfacing as a central theme in the current election cycle. For instance, as Breitbart News noted, Colin Jost, a comedian from NBC’s Saturday Night Live, recently called Biden a “decent man” during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

However, public sentiment, as reflected in recent polling data, shows Trump ahead of Biden in key swing states.

This comes as American families face significant economic challenges, with soaring inflation under the Biden administration driving up the cost of essentials like food, energy, insurance, and housing.

Katzenberg, formerly a top executive at Disney, has committed significant resources to support Biden’s bid for re-election in 2024 despite Biden’s current unpopularity.

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