NOW: Hundreds of Americans Trapped (video)

( – Joe Biden has done it again, leaving hundreds of Americans trapped in a dangerous foreign place – as, in his latest international disaster, he has failed to secure their free passage out of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian enclave run by the savage Islamist terrorist group Hamas.

In a CNN interview (see below) on Sunday, Biden’s National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, blamed Hamas for obstructing the departure of American citizens and other foreign nationals from Gaza during the intensifying conflict between Israel and the terrorists.

The current tensions broke out on October 7 when Hamas invaded Israel and massacred over 1,400 civilians.

“Just as there is ongoing discussions and negotiations over the hostages,” Sullivan declared.

He dwelled on the hardship of evacuating American citizens trapped in Gaza, which is roughly the size of the city of Detroit and has 2.2 million people.

“It is true the Egyptians are prepared to allow American citizens and foreign nationals to come through the Rafah gate into Egypt. The Israelis have no issue with that. Hamas has been preventing their departure and making a series of demands. I can’t go through those demands in public, but that is the subject of the discussions in the negotiations that are ongoing,” Biden’s aide elaborated.

Sullivan revealed that around 600 American citizens were currently unable to leave Gaza, and the US government was actively seeking solutions to facilitate their safe exit.

A day earlier, on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the commencement of a ground offensive in Gaza, termed “the second stage of war” against Hamas.

While the Israeli war cabinet has opted to intensify ground operations, a full-scale invasion is not underway.

This decision follows weeks of aerial bombardments targeting Hamas leaders and locations in Gaza, a response to a terrorist attack on October 7 that resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Israelis.

Netanyahu underscored Israel’s determination to secure the release of over 200 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. To date, four individuals, including two American women, have been released.

Addressing the potential escalation of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Sullivan told the ABC program “This Week” it could grow into a broader regional war.

“The president has been very straightforward on this — if American troops are attacked by Iran and its proxies, we will respond. We did respond if attacks continue, will respond, and I think the Iranians understand our message,” the Biden advisor said.