NOW: National Guard Deployed As Crisis Deepens

( – HAPPENING NOW: New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul just revealed her plans to activate and deploy more National Guardsmen to address the escalating illegal alien crisis affecting New York City and its neighboring regions.

The governor is set to mobilize an extra 150 National Guardsmen to aid in handling the large influx of migrants into the state. With this addition, the overall count of guardsmen dedicated to the New York migrant situation will be 2,200.

Out of these, 250 National Guard members will be explicitly assigned to case management. Most of their responsibilities will involve assisting qualified Venezuelans in their applications for Temporary Protected Status and subsequent work permits.

Last week, the Biden administration decided to award temporary legal status to nearly 500,000 undocumented Venezuelan migrants, a decision rooted in the ongoing political unrest in Venezuela.

Discussing this, Hochul commented during a media briefing, “Now that we have the opportunity granted by President Biden to help the Venezuelans who came before July 31st be able to apply for temporary protective status and what follow that literally with the same application, is the work authorization, that coveted work authorization.”

Governor Hochul also mentioned, “The National Guard has already been working to survey them,” referring to the migrants keen on finding employment in the state. She elaborated, “We have different categories. Some people are eligible to work right now if they already came in through the Customs and Border Protection app.… There are the asylum seekers who need to apply for asylum and wait 180 days. And now we have this new category that allow the expedited work permits for Venezuelans who arrived here earlier.”

Recently, Governor Hochul instructed the New York State Department of Labor to facilitate the meeting between employers and newly qualified asylum seekers and migrants looking to obtain work permits. Over 70 officials from 16 different state departments have been tasked to drive this initiative, as per an official press release.