Prosecutor Protected Hunter From Investigation?!

( – Driving a nail in the coffin of the Biden administration’s denial of shielding Hunter Biden from justice, a high-profile impeachment inquiry witness has told Congress that prosecutors intervened to protect Hunter Biden from severe charges.

The conclusion that President Joe Biden’s son likely enjoyed political cover in the five-year federal investigation against him was expressed by Eileen O’Connor, former Assistant Attorney General for the US Justice Department’s Tax Division.

O’Connor was among the four witnesses – three Republicans and one Democrat – during Thursday’s first hearing into the GOP-led House’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

The former DOJ Tax Division chief’s answers indicated that with political interventions, the probe into Hunter Biden could have “escalated” to place the president himself under direct scrutiny, National Review reports.

It quotes a memo by IRS whistleblower, Supervisory Special Agent Gary Shapley, from May 3, 2021, showing Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf allegedly prevented prosecutors from pursuing allegations of “campaign finance” crimes in the Hunter Biden investigation.

“Through interviews and review of evidence obtained, it appears there may be campaign finance criminal violations. AUSA Wolf stated on the last prosecution team meeting that she did not want any of the agents to look into the allegation,” Shapley wrote.

The report notes that Hunter allegedly borrowed over $2 million from his lawyer, Kevin Morris, to pay two years’ worth of federal income taxes.

During Thursday’s hearing, US Rep. Jason Smith (R-OK) noted that the president’s brother, James Biden, told investigators Hunter had asked him to thank Morris “on behalf of the family.”

Smith asked O’Conner why she thought Wolf might have prevented campaign finances inquiries in the Hunter Biden investigation.

According to the witness, Wolf might have sought to block the tax probe from reaching the Department of Justice’s public integrity unit.

“If it’s a campaign contribution then it implicates political person number one [Joe Biden],” O’Connor said.

“In this case, a legitimate investigation was being done into the money that was being paid and the assistant US attorney who was orchestrating the investigation to say ‘don’t look at that anymore.’ I think the reason is… she didn’t want to get public integrity involved and that tells us she was looking beyond Hunter Biden into a person whose activity would be subject to public integrity,” the witness concluded.