VIDEO: CNN Anchor Slammed by Israeli Official

Christian Amanpour

( – Far-left propaganda pillar CNN just got some well-deserved schooling by a high-profile foreign politician – and a leftist one at that – as former Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid told it to ask the terrorist group Hamas about the humanitarian plight of Palestinian Arabs.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is flaring up anew after Hamas and Islamic Jihad invaded Southern Israel out of the Gaza Strip in a surprise attack on October 7. The terrorists massacred over 1,400, among them 27 Americans.

In a recent interview on CNN, Israeli Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, who served as prime minister for six months last year, addressed humanitarian concerns, pointing out to host Christian Amanpour that questions about these issues should be directed at Hamas, not Israel.

Christian Amanpour of CNN mentioned that Lapid appeared to place “blame for all the humanitarian crisis in Gaza right on Hamas’ shoulders.”

“Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza alike are the victims of Hamas. So every question you might have about humanitarian issues, you should direct at Hamas. This is not our wrongdoing,” the former Israeli leader said.

“Everybody around on both sides of the border, in Israel and in Gaza, are the victims of Hamas. This is why we must go in there and make sure Hamas is eliminated once and for all. We will not have Hamas on our border anymore,” he elaborated.

“Is your first priority the hostages? Because now you say there are 199. What is your first priority when you go in?” Amanpour asked further.

“Well, I wish we could have a first priority. We have to deal with both issues at the same time. Of course, the first thing we want is our babies back home, and we are going to do everything in our power to bring them back home,” Lapid explained.

Recent developments have seen Israel cutting off electricity and water to Gaza, vowing to reinstate power if Hamas releases nearly 200 hostages in their custody.

This move has sparked criticism from some quarters. For instance, certain members of the far-left “Squad” in the US have urged Congress to prevent Israel from allegedly committing what they term an “ethnic cleansing of Palestine,” mainly as Israel targets Hamas locations.

Before its airstrikes, Israel warned Gaza’s inhabitants, advising them to evacuate. Conversely, Hamas instructed civilians to stay put.