Biden Slammed As ‘Abject Failure’

( – On “The Ben Shapiro Show” Ben Shapiro and Victoria Coates former deputy national security adviser under President Donald Trump dissected what they perceive as the Biden administration’s foreign policy missteps. The discussion spanned from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to broader issues in the Middle East.

Shapiro pointed out the administration’s unclear messaging regarding Russia and Ukraine highlighting a perceived lack of strategy. Coates criticized the initial underestimation of the conflict’s duration and the administration’s failure to apply significant economic sanctions on Russia when it was most vulnerable. She emphasized “So you start with the original intelligence failure that this was going to be quick and then we would support an insurgency. But the problem is the administration never pivoted from that.”

Discussing the geopolitical strategies Coates mentioned Putin’s advantage in a war of attrition supported by supplies from North Korea and Iran, and criticized the Biden administration’s energy policies. She argued for the removal of restrictions on U.S. LNG exports and regulatory burdens to weaken Russia’s position.

Shapiro and Coates also delved into the situation in the Middle East, focusing on the inconsistent U.S. stance towards Israel and the Palestinian territories. Coates stated “I think we’re over-dignifying the administration approach with the word policy. I think you’re having a series of kind of confused reactions to events and very much to political pressures here in the United States.”

She passionately argued against any form of ambiguity in supporting Israel invoking the “Iron Wall” principle to stress the need for unwavering U.S. support to ensure Israel’s security. Coates emphasized “You can’t eradicate Israel because we’re not going to let you. And when that is made crystal clear to the Palestinians, then they might become reasonable.”

Regarding how to address threats from terrorist groups like the Houthis in Yemen Coates advocated for a more assertive military response to deter aggression. She criticized the current administration’s approach as ineffective, saying, “They are utterly undeterred by the response of the administration over the last six weeks. They call it their Houthi strategy; I would call it an abject failure.”