Biden’s ‘Demonstrably Untrue’ Testimony?!


( – After witnesses tried to turn congressional proceedings into a media circus to twist the truth, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) expressed skepticism over the accuracy of Hunter and James Biden’s testimony to lawmakers.

Amid the impeachment probe against Joe Biden for his role in Hunter’s business dealings, Johnson suggested that the Bidens’ accounts lacked transparency during the GOP’s yearly strategy gathering at West Virginia’s Greenbriar Resort.

“I think clearly – I believe that there was testimony provided that is just demonstrably untrue based upon the bank records and some of the evidence, whistleblower testimony, that’s come forward,” Johnson remarked.

Although Johnson held back from outright accusing the Bidens of perjury, he hinted he did not believe their full disclosure. “I’m gonna let people draw their own conclusions,” he added.

Last November, Johnson stated the inquiry had hit a crucial stage and expected that subpoenas issued to the Bidens would reveal key evidence for a formal impeachment trial.

According to Johnson, the data collected so far has validated suspicions about the Bidens’ dealings and implicated them in “a lot of untoward, probably unlawful activities.”

Despite the accumulation of evidence, Johnson said the House was not ready to proceed with an impeachment vote and emphasized the importance of a thorough and meticulous investigative process. He also noted that there is still additional evidence to be uncovered.

“The committees of jurisdiction, as I mentioned, are still doing their investigations and that’s what they’re required to do under the law,” he revealed. “It’s a very serious, sober minded, slow and deliberate process. I’m grateful that they handled it that way.”

Initiated on September 12, the impeachment inquiry has focused on Joe’s involvement in his family’s foreign business ventures. Republicans have cited bank records, witness testimonies and whistleblower reports that evidence Joe was aware and potentially interfered in investigations into these dealings.

Additionally, lawmakers are probing into Hunter’s $1 million earnings from dealings with a Romanian individual while his father was denouncing corruption in the Balkan country during his vice presidency.

The inquiry is not bound by a strict timeline but must conclude by the end of the 118th Congress’s final session on Jan. 3, 2025.

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