Bombshell Illegal Alien Report

( – In a startling revelation from the Department of Homeland Security, less than 1% of undocumented migrants who were let go by the Border Patrol through “parole” last year have been deported or have self-deported.

This group of 2,572 individuals came to the country after Title 42 ended. Since then, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has had difficulties managing the overflow of cases.

Despite judicial pressure and as disclosed in legal documents, ICE has been unable to summon over 350 of these individuals to court and admits the agency lost track of more than 30.

Former immigration judge and ICE attorney Andrew “Art” Arthur pointed out that this scenario underscores the critical flaws in the current system, especially given Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ claims that he demanded consequences for illegal entry into the U.S. He suggests that this situation reveals that the Department of Homeland Security lacks effective enforcement.

The migrants were part of an attempt by the Border Patrol to speed up the release process during an anticipated surge in illegal crossings as Title 42 was winding down.

With processing capacities maxed out the decision was to “parole” these individuals with directives to report to ICE for their court summonses within 90 days under a plan known as Parole+ATD.

U.S. District Judge T. Kent Wetherell II in Florida issued a ruling against this program but not before 2,572 migrants were paroled following his injunction. Instead of holding the government in contempt, Judge Wetherell demanded detailed reports on these cases, shedding light on the struggles faced by the Biden administration.

Despite the requirement for a 90-day check-in, 360 migrants failed to do so. For those who did check in, ICE has been unable to issue summonses in most cases. Six months later 32 migrants have not checked in at all and 351 are still awaiting their court summonses, which means they are effectively not yet in deportation proceedings.

The group of 2,572 is just a fraction of the approximately 3 million illegal aliens released during Biden’s tenure. Now affiliated with the Center for Immigration Studies, Arthur calls this group a “control group” for observing the administration’s handling of immigration policy

His analysis suggests that if ICE cannot effectively manage this smaller, well-documented group, the Biden administration’s broader policy lacks the capacity to control illegal immigration.