BOMBSHELL: Joe May Go (video)

( – In a new development underscoring the growing unpredictability in Joe Biden’s political future, his biographer, Franklin Foer, has said it “wouldn’t be a total surprise” if Biden decided to quit his reelection bid.

You can watch a video of Foer at the bottom of this post.

Foer, who appeared on the NBC program “Meet the Press” on Sunday, is the author of a new book entitled, “The Last Politician: Inside Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future.”

The author was asked by host Chuck Todd, “how much of a surprise [it] would” be if Biden announced that he was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

“I would say it would, it would be a surprise to me. But it wouldn’t be a total surprise,” Foer stated, as cited by The Hill.

The leftist writer, who works for The Atlantic and is a former editor of The New Republic, emphasized that the president “constantly” mentions “fate” when he discusses his life and political career.

80-year-old Biden hasn’t publicly indicated any possibility that he might decide to quit the presidential contest for 2024. However, the past few weeks have seen several media reports about Democrats’ concerns about his advanced age and doubts about his fitness for office.

“Joe Biden is a very religious guy, and fate is a word loaded with religious meaning. He always talks about [how] ‘he can’t say where fate goes,’” Foer said.

“And so I always, when I hear that, to me, it’s the ellipses in the sentence when he’s talking about his own future,” the biographer elaborated.

“It doesn’t take Bob Woodward to understand that Joe Biden is old. I’m not a gerontologist, and I can’t predict how the next couple of years will age Joe Biden,” he added.

Foer argued further that Joe Biden had often been “underestimated,” which he had turned into his advantage over the years.

His book, scheduled for release later this week, is about the first two years of the Biden presidency. According to the author, it dwells on the president’s policy-making and political career techniques.

Foer described Joe Biden as someone who gets “buried in details.”

“He’s somebody who is very technocratic, really obsessed with the intricacies of policy. He’s a very activist president in that he micromanages a lot of the dealings in the White House,” the writer said.