Dem DA Removed

( – In a welcome development, yet one underscoring the rottenness of many leftist DAs, the Democrat District Attorney prosecuting nursing student Laken Riley’s murder by an illegal immigrant, has taken herself off the case after it turned out she has failed to score a single guilty verdict.

Deborah Gonzalez, the Athens-Clarke District Attorney, has designated Sheila Ross, a seasoned lawyer, to take over as the special prosecutor in the case against Venezuelan Jose Ibarra, 26, for the murder of the 22-year-old nursing student.

“We will not allow this or any other case to be used for political gain. Our top priority is the safety of every citizen, and we are fully committed to ensuring that justice is served for the loss of every life,” said Gonzalez, who was elected in 2020.

Her resignation came after Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, voiced his concern over her capability to manage this high-profile case effectively, The New York Post reports.

Critics have been vocal about Gonzalez’s performance, highlighting her lack of success in achieving convictions.

Kevin Epps, an attorney suing Gonzalez on behalf of an Athens bar owner, criticized her office’s competency to WSB-TV.

“Ms. Gonzalez has failed to achieve one guilty verdict in a jury trial involving any type of criminal case… We currently have a district attorney that has a complete inability to prosecute this case appropriately,” Epps said.

Additionally, State Rep. Houston Gaines, representing an adjacent district to where Riley’s body was discovered, expressed his apprehension regarding Gonzalez’s suitability for this case to the Athens Banner-Herald.

“She’s not ready to handle this case,” Gaines said.

Similarly, when Governor Kemp was asked if he was confident in Gonzalez’s ability to bring justice in this case, he responded, “Well, she best do that.”

A review of the DA’s office’s closed cases in 2023 revealed a decision against prosecution in 46% of cases, as found by 11Alive.

Furthermore, of the felonies charged, 130 were reduced to misdemeanors, typically resulting in probation for most defendants.

Occasionally, cases were either dismissed or charges were lessened due to insufficient evidence or because witnesses recanted their willingness to testify.

Despite the criticisms, Gonzalez defended her track record.

“From day one, our office has worked diligently to keep this community safe from anyone who seeks to do it harm. This includes those who believe that violence is the answer. We will ensure that such individuals are brought to justice,” she claimed.