Dems Think This Will Get Biden Elected?

( – While Republicans disagree and are most likely correct, Democrats are hopeful that Joe Biden’s freedom to hit the campaign trail while former President Trump is stuck in a New York courtroom could boost his reelection chances.

While Biden is spending this week in Pennsylvania, including a visit to his hometown, Trump deals with jury selection for his trial case.

Trump’s past court battles have actually helped him by garnering free publicity and rallying his supporters around the idea that he is a victim of a corrupt system.

But Democrats are optimistic that, this time, sitting in court day after day could have a different outcome for the presumptive Republican nominee.

Former President Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, stated, “Trump lost the popular vote twice and has a lot of ground to make up from his 2020 loss. It’s going to be hard to move any swing voters while there’s wall-to-wall coverage of Trump campaigning from a courtroom.”

Furthermore, it is unlikely Trump will get a break from the trial. The judge denied his request to attend Supreme Court arguments in D.C. next week and even postponed a decision on whether he can attend his son’s graduation.

Democratic strategist Katie Grant Drew highlighted the contrast between Biden’s focus on work for the people and Trump’s handling of personal legal troubles.

As the court case progresses, and according to a Decision Desk HQ/The Hill average of polls, the former president is ahead nationally by 0.6 % points but Biden’s approval rating has seen an uptick.

Despite Trump’s lead, a former official at the Democratic National Committee, Ivan Zapien emphasized the importance of critical voters noticing how Biden and Trump spend their time.

Trump blamed Biden for his courtroom situation and claimed it was hindering his ability to campaign.

“I should be right now in Pennsylvania, in Florida, in many other states, in North Carolina, Georgia, campaigning. This is all coming from the Biden White House because the guy can’t put two sentences together,” Trump said.

Meanwhile, Biden joked in Scranton about a “defeated-looking guy” in legal debt, referring to Trump.

Likewise, Messina said Biden’s campaign’s move to let Trump “dig his own grave,” is a smart move while he mocked Trump for appearing to sleep in the courtroom Monday.

Trump’s legal appearances have allowed him to paint himself as a victim of political persecution, but being stuck in court may dampen his ability to energize his base.

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