Donald Trump Jr. Makes Pro-Hunting Move

( – In a move likely to be welcomed by conservative Americans and defenders of Second Amendment rights, Donald Trump Jr. is joining the Board Of Directors of Hunter Nation, an organization dedicated to preserving the hunting lifestyle and heritage, a report reveals.

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son has been announced as the newest member of the Board of Directors for Hunter Nation, according to The Daily Caller.

As a passionate hunter and advocate for conservation, Trump Jr. expressed his enthusiasm about leveraging his position to mobilize hunters to vote in the upcoming November elections in support of his father.

His tenure on the board commenced on March 21, 2024.

“I am thrilled to be joining Hunter Nation’s Board Of Directors. They have been incredible patriots, standing up for hunters across the nation and the values we cherish. Last election, a lot of our hunters did not show up to vote, I look forward to helping change that so we can win at the ballot box in November,” Trump Jr. told The Caller.

Rock Bordelon, the Chairman of the Hunter Nation Foundation Board, praised Trump Jr. for his robust defense of American hunters and his comprehensive understanding of electoral issues, from disseminating information to boosting voter turnout.

Bordelon highlighted Trump Jr.’s leadership as a significant asset to their ‘Hunt the Vote’ initiative.

“Don’s knowledge, experience and passion for our hunting lifestyle is unmatched, and we are so excited to have him join the Hunter Nation board,” Bordelon said.

Keith Mark, the founder and president of Hunter Nation, emphasized the threats facing the hunting community and expressed confidence in Trump Jr.’s ability to lead the organization forward in safeguarding the interests of American hunters and stressing the importance of their electoral participation.

“Our hunting lifestyle is under attack! Don, Jr. is a fighter and a leader, and I’m confident he will help Hunter Nation Foundation take the next step in protecting the American hunter and helping to inform them how important it is that they get out and vote their values,” Mark stated, asserting the influential role of Trump Jr. and Bordelon on the board.

Ted Nugent, serving as the national spokesperson for Hunter Nation, lauded the inclusion of Trump Jr. on the board, asserting that it solidified the organization’s leadership as a “Dream Team” of hunting advocates.

“Anyone who has spent time around a campfire with Don, Jr. or Rock knows how much they love hunting and the hunting lifestyle, along with America and our Constitutional freedoms!” Nugent said.