George Soros Targeting Who?!

( – In an unashamed attempt to influence the looming election’s outcome, a Political Action Committee (PAC) funded by George Soros is funneling funds into a political committee to sway moderate white women towards voting for Democrats.

Democracy PAC has allocated $1 million to the One For All Committee, which is dedicated to creating and deploying advertisements that encourage “moderate white women” to cast their votes for Democrats in crucial battleground states.

This initiative has previously backed significant Democratic figures and initiatives, including Joe Biden, Democratic Senate hopefuls, and Janet Protasiewicz, a candidate endorsed by Democrats for the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

According to records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Democracy PAC’s financial backbone is totally made up of contributions from Soros and the Fund for Policy Reform, an advocacy group established by Soros.

Although FEC records show that One For All Committee did not spend money on federal political ads in the current election cycle, historical data reveals the organization invested a lot of money to support Democrats and oppose Republicans from 2020 to 2022.

One For All’s past advertising campaigns have dived into issues such as abortion access, the child tax credit, COVID-19 responses and racial justice.

In one notable advertisement supporting Mandela Barnes, the 2022 Wisconsin Democratic Senate candidate, a white female nurse said she could not believe “the right to abortion would be overturned. That’s just wrong. This is America, the land of the free.”

Another campaign ad, advocating for John Fetterman’s 2022 Senate bid in Pennsylvania, featured a white woman discussing how important it was to vote beyond economic considerations, emphasizing “reproductive freedom and the environment.”

According to an April Wall Street Journal Poll, abortion ranks as the peak issue for 39% of suburban women in swing states, with many finding former President Donald Trump’s stance excessively restrictive. Democrats plan to highlight abortion access in the 2024 election discourse.

Prominent liberal donor and tech mogul Reid Hoffman also contributed to One For All, donating $500,000 in February, as recorded in a campaign finance document.

Soros’s efforts extend beyond white women, as it aims to mobilize black and Asian voters as well. Democracy PAC’s latest campaign finance submission includes donations to committees targeting these demographic groups.

Moreover, Soros’ ventures have invested heavily in Latino advocacy and voter mobilization initiatives leaning toward the left.

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