GOP Senator Won’t ‘Get Behind Donald Trump’ 

( – In a new sign of the lingering GOP rift between pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces, a Republican US Senator is refusing to “get behind Donald Trump” and is even mulling leaving the party, according to a report by CNN.

According to the leftist news network, there is escalating dissatisfaction on the part of Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski with the dominant influence of former President Donald Trump over the Republican Party.

In CNN’s report, Murkowski, representing Alaska and holding her senate position since 2002, is recognized for her moderate stance within the Republican faction, frequently aligning with former President Barack Obama’s legislative initiatives, advocating for Trump’s conviction during his second impeachment trial, and expressing opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination.

She firmly stated her decision against supporting Trump, expressing her disappointment over the lack of viable alternatives within the party.

“I wish that as Republicans, we had…a nominee that I could get behind. I certainly can’t get behind Donald Trump,” Murkowski told the network.

Furthermore, Murkowski hinted at the potential of departing from the Republican Party if it continues to be dominated by Trump’s influence, though she refrained from committing to any specific future political affiliation.

“Oh, I think I’m very independent minded. I just regret that our party is seemingly becoming a party of Donald Trump…I am navigating my way through some very interesting political times. Let’s just leave it at that,” she added.

In terms of endorsing a Republican candidate for the presidency, Murkowski withheld her support until later in the primary process, Newsweek points out in a report.

Ultimately, she endorsed Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, who was the last significant contender in the race before Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee.

Shortly after Murkowski’s endorsement, Haley withdrew from the race.

Murkowski has consistently criticized Trump’s recent comments, particularly his remarks about Jewish people and their support for the Democratic Party, which she described as “incredibly wrong” and “awful.”

Additionally, she condemned Trump’s portrayal of the individuals arrested for their involvement in the January 6, 2021, events at the US Capitol as “unbelievable patriots” and “hostages,”

“I don’t think that it can be defended. What happened on January 6 was…an effort by people who stormed the building in an effort to stop an election certification of an election. It can’t be defended,” the senator argued.

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