GOP to Biden: Come Do THIS!

( – Turning up the dial in the investigation into the business endeavors of America’s biggest crime family, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is expected to formally request Joe Biden’s presence before the panel.

As part of the ongoing impeachment investigation spearheaded by House Republicans, Comer awaits Joe’s participation at a hearing concerning his family’s business transactions.

This move follows testimonies from two of Hunter Biden’s ex-business associates, Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis, who recently shed light on Joe’s involvement in his Hunter’s business ventures with foreign interests.

Right before the session concluded, Comer revealed he intended to ask Joe to personally address these allegations.

In turn, White House spokesperson Ian Sams quickly labeled Comer’s announcement as a mere theatrical gesture and criticized the overall impeachment probe.

Despite the drama, Hunter was notably absent from the hearing after previously calling for public testimony. Both he and his attorney, Abbe Lowell, ultimately labeled the setup as a spectacle rather than a serious inquiry.

In a private deposition given last month, Hunter acknowledged his father’s interactions with his international business partners, therefore confirming parts of the narratives Archer and Bobulinski presented.

In the meantime, Joe has denied he took part in his son’s foreign business activities, which the White House then echoed as it repeatedly criticized the impeachment investigation’s legitimacy.

The core of the House GOP’s impeachment inquiry lies in breaking down how much Joe engaged with his son’s business dealings during and after his time as vice-president.

The investigation has unearthed damaging evidence, including bank statements, testimonies and digital communications by focusing on Hunter’s business interactions across Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania and Kazakhstan.

In his testimony, Bobulinski accused Joe of engaging in illicit activities to aid his son’s business endeavors and advocated for the president’s impeachment. He particularly accused Hunter and his uncle Jim of perjury over their associations with the Chinese conglomerate CEFC.

Similarly, Galanis highlighted Hunter’s use of his family name to ink major deals and coined the term “Biden lift” to describe the advantage of having access to Joe.

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