Infamous ‘Migrant Influencer’ on the Run From ICE

( – Showcasing the lengths illegal aliens are willing to go to bleed America dry, an infamous Venezuelan who entered the country unlawfully through Texas in April 2022 has evaded the immigration monitoring system and is currently a fugitive.

Initially part of the Alternatives to Detention program, designed to track migrants through devices like ankle monitors, alien Leonel Moreno violated the program’s terms and is now classified as an “absconder,” internal ICE documentation confirms.

Despite his fugitive status, Moreno is quite visible since he actively posts online as a migrant influencer. While local police are aware of his online activities, they report having no direct encounters with him.

After entering the U.S. illegally, Moreno was paroled due to overcrowding in detention facilities, and the decision was made before he could be thoroughly vetted.

This soft approach prompted criticism from immigration enforcement professionals like John Fabbricatore, who argue that the Alternatives to Detention program is ineffective and poses a risk to public safety.

Moreno’s controversial online presence includes advising other migrants on how to exploit U.S. resources and benefits, openly sharing his manipulation of the system to avoid work and live off public assistance and scams.

Additionally, he has encouraged other illegals to take advantage of squatter rights to unlawfully take possession of inhabited homes.

He even had the audacity to use his baby daughter in social media posts to ask for money and instruct his followers on schemes to receive income without working by making a mockery of the American Dream.

Moreno listed Catholic Charities in Miami as his contact point, and after he failed to appear for a scheduled immigration court date ICE attempted to notify him by mail of a new court date in November 2022.

“I don’t like to work,” he told his followers. “Boys, in the US there are a million tricks, a million things to do.” He added he has never had to work for over a year since he lives on food stamps.

“Work is for slaves, boys. Remember that work is for slaves. Where have you seen a millionaire work? Don’t humiliate yourself…You have to be creative to ask for money,” he stated.

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