It’s Now a Criminal Investigation!

( – In a disturbing development – though one that might as well be welcome as the way to establish the truth, the US Justice Department has launched a full-fledged criminal investigation into the January incident, in which an Alaska Airlines door plug blew off mid-flight.

The DOJ has initiated a criminal probe into Alaska Airlines after the door plug detached from an aircraft during a flight.

This investigation came about after passengers and crew members aboard a January flight experienced a door plug mishap on a Boeing 737 Max aircraft, The Wall Street Journal has reported, cited by The Daily Caller.

Investigators have been in contact with multiple pilots and flight attendants who were present during the incident, seeking insights into the circumstances surrounding the door plug malfunction.

This incident led to the U.S. aviation authorities grounding numerous 737 Max-9 planes after the door plug from Flight 1282 unexpectedly separated from the plane mid-journey, resulting in the cabin losing pressure.

The seriousness of the event prompted several passengers of Flight 1282 to initiate legal action against Boeing over emotional distress and physical injuries.

They argue that Boeing was negligent in ensuring the aircraft’s safety, as detailed in legal filings.

The incident took place en route from Portland, Oregon, to Ontario, California.

In response to the DOJ’s investigation, Alaska Airlines issued a statement confirming their cooperation and clarified their position regarding the probe.

“We are fully cooperating and do not believe we are a target of the investigation,” the company said.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Boeing has yet to provide documentation related to the manufacture and fitting of the faulty door plug.

The ongoing investigation aims to determine Boeing’s adherence to a previous agreement meant to resolve a separate federal inquiry into the 737 Max’s safety, spurred by fatal accidents in 2018 and 2019.

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