Jim Jordan Explodes

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In the face of an unashamed remark by a leftist opposing our foundational text, GOP Representative Jim Jordan (OH) had a fierce exchange after a Democrat colleague said free speech and the First Amendment have limits.

Representative Dan Goldman, a Democrat from New York, stated that the committee’s endeavors are an attempt to diminish federal efforts to address the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot’s seriousness.

“We all agree with the First Amendment, but the problem is that the First Amendment is not absolute. It does not protect any single thing anyone says, and there are limits, and that’s important,” Goldman articulated.

He accused the committee of attempting to “chill” federal oversight on social media activity to propagate misinformation and disinformation to ultimately serve Republican interests in the upcoming elections. According to him, this was the committee’s underlying purpose despite the lack of substantiating evidence for these claims.

Jordan countered Goldman’s insinuations and highlighted the unusual notion of accusing the committee of trying to impede federal actions.

“I think the gentleman from New York just said that we’re trying to chill the federal government? I don’t know if it’s ever been said that way, it’s always ‘the government trying to chill Americans’ rights and chill Americans. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Jordan stated.

He added, “But you know who was opposed to how the FBI and the Bank of America did this thing when they asked for this information? You know who was opposed to it? Three FBI agents. The guys on the case…”

Jordan further criticized the FBI for labeling certain groups like pro-life Catholics as extremists and for exerting influence on Big Tech to censor content, which points to these as examples of genuine speech suppression.

He referenced the committee’s inquiry into Bank of America for allegedly sharing clients’ financial details with the FBI and the FBI’s scrutiny of Catholics attending Latin masses.

Additionally Jordan mentioned the “Twitter Files” released by journalist Matt Taibbi, which exposed the FBI’s warnings to Twitter about potential election interference. This led to the suppression of a story regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation” and resulted in the New York Post’s account being locked.

According to Jordan these instances exemplify the federal government’s overreach in stifling free speech and underscore the committee’s concerns about such practices spreading from Canada to the United States.

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