Mask Mandates Again?!

( – Face masks are once again being recommended by officials of at least some Democrat-run jurisdictions over expectations that new COVID-19 infections might spike during and after the Labor Day weekend.

Among those advising Americans to wear face masks in “crowded public” spaces is New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan.

Vasan said people should comply with precautions as they celebrate the end of summer since New York City’s coronavirus hospitalization rate went up by 5% last week, with 502 new patients admitted to hospitals.

“As cases rise, precautions become increasingly important, especially for our most vulnerable New Yorkers who are older, disabled, or have underlying health conditions,” Vasan told The Daily Mail, as cited by Breitbart News.

“Staying up to date with Covid vaccines, along with other proven prevention tools — like masking, testing, and staying home when sick — continues to be our best defense against Covid and other respiratory viruses,” the Democrat official added.

The report notes the discovery of two new coronavirus variants called EG.5, or “Eris,” and BA.2.86, or “Pirola.”

The latter has been detected in New York City’s wastewater and in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Michigan.

Whether Pirola carries a higher mortality rate remains unknown, but its more than 30 mutations are generating concerns because it is considered better at avoiding vaccines and immunity.

Meanwhile, the Director of Los Angeles County’s Health Department, Barbara Ferrer, declared that mask mandates could be resumed after, in April, LA ended them for hospitals and other high-risk indoor spaces.

“There’s not that level of certainty with this pandemic. I’m never going to say there’s not going to be a time when we all need to put our masks back on. [But] I am going to say we certainly don’t all need to put our masks back on now,” Ferrer declared.

The seven-day average positive testing rate for COVID-19 in Los Angeles for the week ending on August 26 went up by 16.5%, per public health data cited by The LA Times.

Figures from the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed coronavirus hospitalizations nationwide with a 21.6% weekly increase.

On September 12, the CDC advisory panel will approve a new vaccine booster, though it is unknown if it would be efficient against the latest variants.