New White House Crisis

( – HAPPENING NOW: Just as Joe Biden prepares to leave for an international summit in India this week, a new crisis has arisen in the White House that could ground him and keep him from attending.

On Monday, the White House announced that First Lady Jill Biden has contracted the coronavirus. She had spent the recent three-day weekend with President Biden.

Late Monday, Jill Biden’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, issued a statement saying, “This evening, the First Lady tested positive for COVID-19. She is currently experiencing only mild symptoms. She will remain at their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.”

Following the First Lady’s positive diagnosis, President Biden underwent a COVID-19 test and received a negative result, which White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed. “The President will test at a regular cadence this week and monitor for symptoms,” Jean-Pierre stated.

President Biden has plans to leave for the Group of 20 summit in India this Thursday.

Over the past weekend, he and the First Lady were in Florida before heading to their beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

If Biden tests positive before his planned departure for India, he must remain in the United States and miss the summit.

This isn’t the first time the Bidens have contracted COVID-19. Jill Biden tested positive for the virus in August 2022, while President Biden had a positive case in July 2022. Both recovered after experiencing only mild symptoms.