NOW: ‘Progressivism Is Out’

( – Increasingly fed up with the ongoing issues of crime, homelessness and rampant drug usage within their progressive city, San Francisco residents have decisively passed two ballot initiatives to enhance law enforcement capabilities and enforce drug screening for welfare beneficiaries.

Garnering support from 59.9% of voters, Proposition E allows law enforcement to deploy surveillance tools like cameras, drones and facial-recognition technology without seeking approval from a overseeing entity.

This initiative not only eases the process of police pursuits but also aims to shift officers’ focus from office tasks to more direct policing efforts.

At the same time Proposition F was endorsed by 63% of the electorate and requires all individuals on public assistance to undergo screening for drug addiction. This measure proposes free treatment for identified drug-dependent individuals as a precondition for continued aid.

The outcome of these measures signals a shift in the city’s political landscape by challenging its long-standing progressive identity. The San Francisco Chronicle echoed this sentiment, stating, “Progressivism is out—for now,” reflecting a community eager for change.

The successful passage of these propositions represents an ironical victory for Democrat San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who advocated for their inclusion on the ballot as part of her strategy to confront the city’s escalating crime rates and drug crisis.

Recent surveys have revealed a prevailing sentiment among San Franciscans that the city is veering off course, with a substantial majority supporting the deployment of surveillance technology to tackle crime and the tracking of suspects using drones.

Despite his liberal Democratic stance San Francisco Supervisor Matt Dorsey voiced his support for drug screenings and highlighted the heightened risks of substance abuse disorders and lethal overdoses due to the prevalence of fentanyl.

While the implementation of drug tests for welfare recipients typically aligns with Republican-leaning states, critics of Proposition F argue that the city’s lack of adequate treatment facilities and supportive housing will make the situation worse, which will potentially lead to more homelessness and escalating crime rates.

Another measure, Proposition B, initially sought to increase police staffing without additional conditions but was defeated after amendments introduced a tax requirement, which caused its downfall and prompted Dorsey to withdraw his support and call it a manipulative tactic for new taxes by his political adversaries.

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