Terrorist Hid Weapons WHERE?! (Video)

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In a new horrifying example of the atrociousness of the Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas, the Israeli military has released video footage showing that the terrorists used a large hospital in the northern Gaza Strip as a storage depot for weapons and ammunition.

See the video below.

The current Israeli offensive against Hamas in Gaza comes after, on October 7, the terrorist organization massacred over 1,400 people in Israel.

On Wednesday, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) published a video of its troops finding weapons in al-Shifa Hospital.

“During searches inside one of the hospital’s wards, the troops located a room containing unique technological means, combat equipment, and military equipment used by the Hamas terrorist organization,” the IDF said.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, a spokesperson for the Israeli military, disclosed in a press briefing that Hamas uniforms were found discarded in the hospital, suggesting terrorists tried to blend in with civilians.

“These findings unequivocally prove that the hospital was used for terror, in complete violation of international law,” he asserted.

In the footage, IDF international spokesman Jonathan Conricus is shown touring the hospital, with AK-47s, body armor, and other military hardware visible. Gunfire is audible in the background.

“A few of the most interesting things we have found totally confirm, without any doubt, that Hamas systemically uses hospitals in their military operations, in violation of international law, and what we have found – I think – is the tip of the iceberg,” Conricus said.

The video’s headline claims to show “no cuts, no edits, just the undeniable truth.”

Conricus also demonstrated a military “go bag” filled with weapons and ammunition, hidden behind an MRI machine. He noted that security cameras in the hospital had been covered to prevent recording of Hamas activities.

This revelation followed statements from Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant about intensifying combat in Gaza City, as IDF forces targeted tunnels within civilian areas used by Hamas.

“The concrete evidence is that Hamas uses hospitals as an instrument of war,” Hagari said in a separate briefing.

“Underneath the hospital, in the basement, we found the Hamas command and control center, suicide bomb vests, grenades, AK-47 assault rifles, explosive devices, RPGs, and other weapons, computers, money, et cetera. We also found signs that indicate that Hamas held hostages here,” he elaborated.

“Our war is against Hamas, not the people of Gaza. Especially not the sick, the women, and children,” the Israeli official added.