Texas Official: Biden ‘Doesn’t Have A Clue’

Joe Biden

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – Bringing attention to the ongoing border crisis negatively impacting the U.S., Texas Republican Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick criticized the White House’s approach to the southern border and outlined Texas possible plan.

Appearing on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Biden’s visit to the border in Brownsville, Texas, to address the ongoing immigration crisis, Patrick expressed frustration, stating, “Laura, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Not a clue”.

Patrick was asked about three things Texas would do if it took charge, and he replied, “Number one, we’d put back Title 42 – the Trump policy that kept the asylum seekers in Mexico.”

He continued, “Number two, like President Trump did, you go to Mexico and you tell the president that if you don’t stick the army, their marines, on their side of the border and stop this, you are going to put a tariff on everything they sell.”

“And, third, you take our great border patrol men and women and instead of treating them like hotel clerks, ushering people in the door, you let them do their job of law enforcement,” he concluded

Patrick highlighted Senate Bill 4, which faced legal challenges and aimed to allow Texas to independently secure its border. Despite a recent preliminary injunction Patrick affirmed confidence in the bill’s eventual success and emphasized Texas’s determination to defend its border.

Additionally he criticized Biden’s policies, blamed his ineffective administration for daily deaths in the country and emphasized the urgency of halting the immigration crisis.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill in December 2023 which seeks to address border security issues. However U.S. District Judge David Ezra issued a preliminary injunction against Senate Bill 4 which had been scheduled to take effect recently, according to the Texas Tribune.

Data from the U.S. Border Patrol revealed over 1.7 million encounters with illegal immigrants in 2023, which resulted in the release of more than 824,000 individuals into the U.S. as they await a future court date.