Truckers Issue Warning

( – In the wake of a recent court decision truck drivers who back former President Donald Trump are sending out a clear warning.

Their boycott of deliveries to New York City could lead to significant disruptions. This action is a response to a civil fraud case ruling against Trump where he was fined $355 million.

Jennifer Hernandez, a trucker part of this protest, shared her thoughts on NewsNation. “It could shut New York City down,” she said, emphasizing the serious potential consequences of their actions. Hernandez clarified her intentions, stating, “I’m not trying to hurt the people of New York, that’s not what I’m trying to do.” She highlighted the critical impact even a small reduction in truck deliveries could have on the city’s supply chain and consumer prices. “But if New York loses just 10% of the trucks that go in there, their prices are going to skyrocket on everything — from milk to eggs, to any type of goods that the consumer needs.”

The concern is not just about the immediate effects but also about the broader financial strain on everyday New Yorkers. “When that happens, it’s going to cost everyone more money,” Hernandez warned. The movement has seen growing support from other truckers on social media, with one individual suggesting the boycott could last up to three years.

This trucker boycott was reportedly initiated by Chicago Ray, a conservative social media influencer. He posted a video indicating that starting Monday, some truckers would cease their deliveries to the city in solidarity with Trump. According to Ray, a vast majority of truckers back the former president, and the disruption of services to New York City would not concern freight company bosses. “They ain’t gonna care if we deny the loads — we’ll just go somewhere else,” he stated.

The former president himself acknowledged the support on Truth Social expressing gratitude and framing it as a stand for freedom against what he perceives as unjust actions by the current administration. “Such an honor to have so many Great Patriots on the side of freedom” Trump posted. He further criticized Joe Biden’s administration, stating, “Joe Biden’s Unfair and Dangerous Weaponization of Law Enforcement is a serious threat to Democracy. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Despite the viral spread of his video and subsequent attention, Chicago Ray removed the clip from his X page citing personal reasons related to his family. Nonetheless he remains steadfast in his support for Trump and the trucker movement. “I stand with Trump 100% Truckers for Trump,” he wrote, distancing himself from any leadership role in the protest but affirming his commitment.