Trump: All Presidents Must Have THIS!?

( – In a firm assessment of the protections America’s leaders should have to carry out their job flawlessly, former President Donald Trump has stated that the very fabric of the nation might suffer lasting harm unless the Supreme Court agrees that presidents hold immunity from criminal charges tied to actions taken while in office.

This key legal battle, which the Supreme Court is set to dive into next month, revolves around Trump’s appeal to have his alleged electoral interference federal case dismissed on the grounds of presidential immunity.

In an initial brief recently submitted, the former president’s legal team emphasized the need of such immunity as the presidency’s fundamental independence and ability to function would be severely compromised without it.

The legal document elaborates on the potential consequences of denying immunity by suggesting that it would effectively leave any future president vulnerable to manipulation through the threat of legal action by political adversaries after leaving office.

The legal team also argue that the shadow of future legal risk could excessively influence critical presidential decisions, therefore having significant say over the presidency’s expected authority and determination.

Highlighting the absence of historical precedent for the criminal prosecution of a president’s official conduct, the brief advocates that such prosecutions should only be allowed following a Senate conviction in an impeachment trial.

The brief warns, “Indeed, if immunity is not recognized, every future President will be forced to grapple with the prospect of possibly being criminally prosecuted after leaving office every time he or she makes a politically controversial decision.”

“That would be the end of the Presidency as we know it and would irreparably damage our Republic,” it added.

Currently Trump finds himself facing Democratic-led charges in four counts related to his alleged activities around the 2020 election. Meanwhile, the proceedings in the district court are paused pending the Supreme Court’s verdict on the matter.

District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan initially dismissed Trump’s claim of immunity in December and the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals then concurred with it in early February.

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