VIDEO: Another Passenger Jet Incident Raises Questions

( – Following a disturbing incident involving a LATAM flight en route to New Zealand that made unsuspecting passengers fear for their lives, Boeing issued a notice to airlines operating its 787 Dreamliner jets to advise a review of specific cockpit switches.

Watch the video below.

The aircraft experienced a severe and sudden drop that injured dozens of passengers and prompted Boeing to reference a 2017 service bulletin that detailed inspection and maintenance procedures for flight deck seat switches. This guidance encourages airlines to inspect these components at the earliest maintenance interval.

The specific incident involved a LATAM flight from Sydney to Auckland during which the aircraft unexpectedly dropped mid-air and caused passengers without seatbelts to hit the cabin’s interior.

The event injured 50 individuals, with 13 requiring hospital care. Initial reports from LATAM described the episode as a “technical event,” but recent theories suggest a flight attendant unintentionally engaged with a seat switch that pushed the pilot against the control input.

Adhering to its standard practice of issuing operational recommendations, Boeing underscored the significance of this alert due to the dramatic nature of the reported incident.

However, both Boeing and LATAM have withheld further comments by citing the investigation’s active status. At the same time, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated a review process through a Corrective Action Review Board (CARB) focusing on the 2017 service bulletin related to the pilot seat switches.

This advisory arrives amidst a backdrop of recent Boeing safety concerns, including the tragic 737 MAX accidents and other notable incidents involving Boeing aircraft.

In response to these growing safety challenges, the FAA has mandated Boeing to come up with a thorough plan for enhancing quality control measures. Amid these developments, Boeing’s stock value has seen a major 25% drop throughout the year.

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