VIDEO: Cop Slams Truck Into Enviro-Wackos

( – A police officer broke a road blockade by so-called environmentalists protesting Nevada’s annual Burning Man event by ramming his pickup truck through the barrier.

You can watch a video of what happened at the bottom of this post.

The Nevada ranger from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police plowed through a blockade set up by climate change activists from a group called “Seven Circle and Extinction Rebellion.”

Sunday’s incident, which unclogged a miles-long traffic jam, occurred on the first day of Black Rock City and was caught on a social media video.

“Climate activists who tried to block the roads leading to the Burning Man event get immediately shut down by police. This is how it’s done,” wrote conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong as she shared the police ramming video.

According to the report, their road blockade was made up of a trailer and signs and was easily destroyed by the Nevada ranger.

Upon exiting the vehicle, the officer drew out his gun, told the protesters to lie on the ground, and started arresting them. They were handcuffed and detained for “trespassing on tribal land.

Some 70,000 people are expected to attend the 2023 Burning Man, which will last nine days through September 4.

The protest of the climate activists was directed at Black Rock City’s use of “unnecessary propane burning and unlimited generator use” as well as single-use plastics.

The protesters were also outraged by attendees using private jets to fly to the festival, informed a co-founder of Rave Revolution.

As their blockade to prevent event-goers from reaching the Burning Man festival failed, the protest organizers took to social media to complain about police violence.

“Environmental activists face violence from law enforcement worldwide, but this example is particularly horrifying,” Extinction Rebellion Global wrote on X.

The report points out that Black Rock City presents itself as a “rejection of corporatism and capitalism” – ideas shared by the climate activists, who, however, are also against carbon pollution.

“Burning Man should aim to have the same type of political impact that Woodstock had on counterculture,” Extinction Rebellion protester Mun Chong declared, as quoted by The Daily Mail.

“If we are honest about system change, it needs to start at ‘home.’ Ban the lowest hanging fruit immediately: private jets,” the leftist activist added.

Here is the video: