VIDEO: Dem Rep. Wants Blacks Exempt from What?!

( – In a leftist and twisted move that affirms the Democratic Party is full of unreasonable people, Democratic Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett proposed an unusual idea regarding reparations for slavery.

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Crockett made the suggestion that black Americans should be exempt from paying taxes during an interview on ‘The Black Lawyers Podcast’ while highlighting her thoughts on reparations and tax breaks.

Likewise, she mentioned hearing about the idea from a celebrity, although she could not remember which one. Host television Tifanny Cross and other presenters recently also discussed this notion and proposed tax breaks for African Americans to revitalize reparations efforts.

While Crockett acknowledged that some people might find the tax exemption idea acceptable, she noted a potential issue: many black individuals, particularly those facing financial struggles, may not currently be paying taxes.

This led her to consider whether these individuals might prefer receiving government checks instead.

Crockett recently cruised through a primary in her heavily blue Dallas County district and faced only a libertarian opponent in November as she seeks a second term.

Campaigners have already erected billboards for Cross’ plan in Chicago, pushing for black-only carve-outs on the $6,000-a-year property taxes that are typical in the Illinois city.

In addition to her thoughts on tax breaks, the leftist representative emphasized the need for consistency in reparations efforts at both federal and state levels. She criticized the lack of investment in studies and planning to ensure the effective implementation of reparations.

Crockett’s commеnts came amid broader discussions about rеparations for the descendants of slaves. After George Floyd’s killing in 2020 and subsequent Black Lives Mattеr protests, there was increased momentum behind reparations efforts.

However, enthusiasm for large-scale payouts has decreased, which faced opposition and logistical challenges.

Heritage Foundation Analyst Mike Gonzalez noted that support for reparations has declined, similar to other movements such as diversity initiatives and anti-racism efforts.

‘Like diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Critical Race Theory, anti-racism trainings, and other features of the collective hysteria, the call for reparations has begun to fall apart under intense opposition by the American people,’ he added.

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