VIDEO: He Broke the Record

( – In a stunning performance, a Texas wide receiver prospect, Xavier Worthy, has shattered the NFL Draft Combine’s record for the fastest 40-yard dash by completing the sprint in 4.21 seconds.

See the video of Worthy’s record-breaking run below!

He has thus surpassed John Ross’s previous best by a mere millisecond, as reported by, cited by The Daily Caller.

This achievement was made even more remarkable as Worthy was the final participant to run at the combine.

He improved upon his initial impressive time of 4.25 seconds in his first attempt, ultimately setting a new record.

The anticipation among spectators heightened when his unofficial time was clocked at 4.22 seconds, which would have equaled the record set by former Washington receiver John Ross in 2017.

However, the official timing soon confirmed that Worthy had indeed become the new record holder.

“I just broke the record. It still doesn’t feel real,” he commented.

“Man, just a blessing to be able to do this in front of all these fans, with all these peers I’m with,” the receiver said.

Beside his record-breaking sprint, Worthy delivered an outstanding overall performance at the combine.

He also showed his athletic capabilities with notable achievements in other events, including a 41-inch vertical leap and a broad jump of ten feet eleven inches.

Worthy made the strategic decision to skip the receiver drills. He presumably believed that his remarkable athletic demonstrations would sufficiently persuade a team to select him early in the draft, according to the report.

Opting out of the position-specific exercises positioned Worthy more as a potential return specialist rather than a conventional three-down receiver.

Nevertheless, given his extraordinary speed, it is expected that he will find opportunities to integrate into an NFL offense eventually.

One potential hurdle for Worthy is the need to increase his mass. At the combine, the 5-foot-11-inch receiver weighed in at 165 pounds, which is 23 pounds less than what John Ross weighed when he set his record in 2017.