VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Joins Street Protest WHERE?!

( – Just like America, other Western nations are struggling with the evil of far-left socialist policies and laws, as demonstrated by conservative journalist Tucker Carlson’s appearance at a conservative rally in Spain where protesters begged him to help them beat communists and separatists.

See the video below.

Spain has been gripped by conservative protests after its Socialist Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, recently struck a deal with anti-government political factions seeking secession to remain in power.

A report by The Post-Millennial points out that Spaniards have been demonstrating en masse against their socialist government’s arrangement with separatists from Catalonia and nationalists from the Basque minority.

This deal involves granting amnesty to Catalan individuals convicted of offenses related to their efforts to secede from Spain.

Sanchez’s agreement with the separatists is seen as a strategic move to solidify the socialist prime minister’s authority, which he struggled to establish during the elections held in July.

On Monday, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was observed among the throngs of protesters in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

A social media video reveals that a crowd surrounded Carlson during the protests.

“Tucker, help us with these motherf*ckers!” one individual notably called out to him.

Amidst the tumult, Carlson took the opportunity to speak with his supporters on the streets.

While in the Spanish capital, Carlson succinctly remarked, “In Madrid,” as he posed with Santiago Abascal, the leader of the Vox Party.

“Anybody who would violate your constitution, potentially use physical violence to end democracy, is a tyrant, is a dictator … We thought it deserved more coverage than it’s getting,” the former Fox News host commented.

The public discontent has escalated since socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez’s deal last week, which many perceive as a power grab.

The deal, involving amnesty for certain individuals in exchange for political support, has sparked accusations that Sanchez prioritizes his political ambitions over the nation’s welfare.

“Christian civilization is at stake in this moment,” Rocio Meer from the Vox Party told conservative podcast host Jack Posobiec.

The report notes that the conservative segments of the Vox Party and the People’s Party have been increasingly outspoken.

“We will not shut up until there are new elections!” Alberto Nunez from the conservative People’s Party, told the crowd in Madrid.