Was It Suicide or Murder?!

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – In one of the tragic cases causing tremendous suspicions about conspiracies and murders motivated by high-profile interests, Boeing whistleblower John Barnett has been found dead under mysterious circumstances just as he claimed he was working on a bombshell court case against the company.

Barnett had leveled serious accusations against the company’s leadership. He had a long career as a quality control engineer.

The whistleblower was found deceased in his vehicle at a hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, on March 9, according to his lawyers, Robert Turkewitz and Brian Knowles, The New York Post reports.

The attorneys made the decision to disclose the complaint for the sake of openness after Barnett’s death.

The legal action brought forward numerous startling allegations against Boeing, which was already under close observation due to various issues with quality control, including an incident where a door plug detached during a flight.

The suit claims that Boeing retaliated against Barnett after he tried to alert them to deficiencies in their manufacturing process.

Barnett recounted facing numerous retaliatory acts after he reported the company’s non-compliance with Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) safety standards internally.

The lawsuit described how Barnett was victim to a “gaslighting campaign in which he was continually harassed, denigrated, humiliated, and treated with scorn and contempt by upper management.”

“In June 2014, Barnett submitted a complaint to Corporate Ethics against [redacted] for violating procedures, ignoring process violations, pushing Barnett to ‘work in the grey areas,’ and having another manager spy on Barnett. Although Barnett’s complaint was substantiated by Corporate Ethics, no action was taken to address the complaints,” it revealed.

Barnett left Boeing in 2017 after over three decades of service, which was a decade earlier than he had initially planned. This early retirement, he claimed, was due to the conduct he faced.

“That’s the way it’s done there. There were always moles who would throw you under the bus to look good to the big bosses. They weren’t about team unity; you never know who you could trust,” a source told The Post.

The complaint also noted that Barnett’s senior manager frequently blamed him during meetings for the team’s overtime and time away from families, due to Barnett’s insistence on recording violations or defects.

Moreover, it was pointed out that Barnett was criticized for using email to log defects, even though FAA Standards and Regulations mandate written documentation of such issues. Barnett highlighted in a September 2014 email: “Leadership wants nothing in email so they maintain plausible deniability.”

Boeing’s response to Barnett’s allegations is not public, and the company had not commented on the matter immediately when asked.

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