A Godly Miracle?

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – A Catholic Church in Lahaina, Hawaii, went unscathed and survived intact during the wildfires that obliterated the Maui island resort earlier this month – a “miracle,” according to locals and clergymen.

The Maria Lanakila Church, which means “Our Lady of Victory,” remained untouched by the blaze even though its surroundings have been completely wiped out, Fox News reports.

“It’s a real miracle,” commented Monsignor Terry Watanabe.

“Father Kuriakose, who is the pastor there, has gone into the church, and he says that none of it is scorched… In fact, they could just go in there and start services again, no problem. So, it’s quite amazing,” the clergyman added.

He added that the flowers at the altar of the historic church “did not even wither” from the devastating heat.

“What’s even more amazing is all the buildings directly behind the church, the preschool, the convent, the two school buildings, as well as the parish hall, all of it burned to the ground, but the church is still standing and everything around the church is in ashes,” Watanabe elaborated.

The report notes that Hawaiians flocked to the Maria Lanakila Church last Sunday to support one another in the wake of the apocalyptic calamity.

“As people of faith, we always look for God’s love and presence in the world, whether it’s through the love of family and friends or whether it’s through rainbows or God bringing rain to places where there’s no rain,” Monsignor Watanabe said further.

“This is just, for us, a wonderful sign that God doesn’t abandon his people. So, we’re very grateful for that,” he added.

He also thanked people from around the world who have been praying for the residents of Maui throughout their terrifying ordeal.

“We are just… overwhelmed with the wonderful appreciation… people just expressing their support and their gratitude to all of us and that’s been very, very helpful. Thank you so much,” the clergyman said.

As the relief efforts in Western Maui continue, the official death toll from the Lahaina wildfires has reached 114, but it is bound to spike as more than 1,000 people remain unaccounted for.