Biden Heckled: ‘War Pig’ (Videos)

( – After being forced to rely on the success of past presidents in order to mobilize his base, an event gathering that saw former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton trying to boost Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign turned into madness.

Watch the videos below.

During Biden’s high-profile fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall that sought to earn support, a series of protests unfolded both inside and outside the venue by angry leftists.

The New York City event aimed to increase Biden’s campaign funds but instead was ruined by the opposition of protesters voicing concerns over Biden’s stance on Israel’s military actions against the terrorist group Hamas.

Inside, the disruptions saw a protestor wielding a “War pig” sign and cautioning against nuclear conflict with Russia and several outcries condemning Biden’s policies against Hamas.

Despite these disturbances, the three presidents pressed on with their discussion with moderator Stephen Colbert, despite six interruptions in total.

Outside, the dissent blew over with hundreds of protesters rallying against Biden’s foreign policy decisions and branding both him and the Democratic Party as “war criminals” while they demanded freedom for Palestine.

Cries like “Free, free Palestine!” “F–k Joe Biden” and “Genocide Joe has got to go!” could be easily heard on the streets. Reinforced by barriers, New York Police Department officers’ presence led to at least one arrest as the demonstrations continued.

The evening was intended to be a monumental fundraising effort and managed to rake in over $25 million, according to Biden’s campaign, which marked it as a significant political gathering despite the vocal opposition.

It offered a stark contrast to former President Donald Trump’s own activities in New York, as he was attending the wake of murdered NYPD police officer Jonathan Diller.

“Hundreds of deranged Hollywood liberals will be in attendance, and they will open their wallets to fund the DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY!” said an email from Trump’s campaign about the Democratic fundraiser.

“Together we can DROWN OUT their dirty dollars, but it all depends on how much support we get right here, right now,” the email added. “Remember, my campaign isn’t powered by the Hollywood ‘elite’ writing 6-figure checks – IT’S POWERED BY YOU!”

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