Clinton Adviser Warns Biden

( – In just the latest sign of how worried the Democrats are that Joe Biden is going to lose in a landslide to Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, an adviser to former President Bill Clinton took to the airwaves yesterday to fire a warning shot across Biden’s political bow.

Doug Sosnik, who gave advice to Clinton, made a bold comparison in The New York Times, saying the 2024 election could echo the 1980 showdown between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. Sosnik’s take? Biden, like Carter back then, isn’t winning voters’ hearts, and it’s time for a change in strategy.

Biden’s been all about highlighting the dangers of a Trump comeback, especially pointing to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. But Sosnik isn’t convinced that’s going to cut it. He mentioned, “Mr. Biden is no doubt counting on those vulnerabilities to hurt Mr. Trump. But Mr. Biden also needs to do more.” He believes that just not liking one candidate isn’t enough if the other doesn’t meet the voter’s basic standards.

Sosnik thinks Biden needs to pull a Reagan: win people over by promising a fresh direction and showing some charm, despite concerns about his age, which are similar to those Reagan faced. He pointed out, “At this point Mr. Biden’s biggest challenge is not Mr. Trump but himself. Can he convince the voters, as Mr. Reagan did, that he is up to the job of being president at an age when most people have retired?”

Voter worries about Biden’s age and his slip-ups have been a big deal, mirroring the skepticism Reagan dealt with. Yet, Reagan managed to win over the public, even with rumors about his mental sharpness swirling. Sosnik recalled the pivotal 1980 debate where Reagan proved he could handle the presidency, a moment Biden needs to mimic to overcome doubts about his age and leadership.

Sosnik advises Biden to tackle the age issue head-on, stressing the value of his experience and contrasting his progressive stance on key issues like climate change, abortion rights, and gun control against Trump’s outdated views.

He wrapped up saying, “Voters will be given daily reminders for the next nine months of how chaotic the next four years will be if Mr. Trump is elected,” emphasizing it’s Biden’s job to show he’s fit for the presidency into his mid-80s. Otherwise, the public’s view on Trump won’t even matter.