Entire Families, Children Among the Dead (video)

(ReclaimingAmerica.net) – HAPPENING NOW: Entire families have perished in the hellish flames of the catastrophic Maui wildfires, tragically including young children.

According to Hawaii’s Governor Josh Green, the official death toll has now passed 100.

A bit further down this post, you can watch a video clip of the Governor speaking about what searchers are finding.

In his words, investigators are finding the remains of entire families and kids who were incinerated in the blaze in the famous tourist town of Lahaina.

Some human remains have been discovered in homes and others in vehicles as people died while trying to escape the “fire hurricane,” which traveled a mile per minute.

“That’s one of the toughest parts of this. It’s one of the reasons… we are asking for some patience when going into the ground zero area because some of the sites are too much to share or see from just a human perspective, and also you don’t want to disrupt any of the recovery,” the governor told Hawaii News Now on Tuesday, as cited by The Hill.

Green, a Democrat who is a physician by training, forecasted that the death toll would climb further as investigator teams would keep discovering the remains of about 10-20 people daily in the upcoming days.

Dozens of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel and some 20 rescue dogs are helping the local authorities.

The governor said access to Lahaina was limited to help the recovery efforts, with federal disaster aid flowing onto the island of Maui.

“There were so many other people, bystanders that wanted to get in — tourists and people were ducking down into the crisis zone — that it was actually blocking our ability to do the work,” Green stated.

He said that recovery units had searched about a quarter of the town as of Monday afternoon and that 85% of the search would likely be completed by the weekend.

“As soon as we get out of phase zero, which is clearing all of the grid knowing we got, if at all possible, all the people identified or all the tragic loss of life reconciled, then we open the road without any hesitation whatsoever,” the governor said.

A statement from his office announced Hawaii would build a memorial to honor victims of the Lahaina fire.